2012/13 MLB Top 50 Free Agent Tracker

I’ve been meaning to put this up for a little while now, but better late than never. Here is a list of the top 50 free agents that I will update as they sign with new teams. I’ll put a link to it on the right sidebar so you can easily check back here often for updates.

This post can also be used as a non-Yankee discussion thread this offseason.

Please comment with some predictions.

  1. Zack Greinke – signed with the Dodgers, 6-years, $147M
  2. Josh Hamilton – signed by the Angels, 5-years, $125M
  3. Michael Bourn – signed by the Indians, 4-years, $48M
  4. Anibal Sanchez – re-signed with the Tigers, 5-years, $80M
  5. B.J. Upton – signed with the Braves, 5-years, $75M
  6. Nick Swisher – signed with the Indians, 5-years, $56M
  7. Edwin Jackson – signed with the Cubs, 4-years, $52M
  8. Dan Haren – signed with the Nationals, 1-year, $13M
  9. Hiroki Kuroda – re-signed with the Yankees, 1-year, $15M
  10. Kyle Lohse – signed by the Brewers, 3-years, $33M
  11. Angel Pagan – re-signed with the Giants, 4-years, $40M
  12. Shane Victorino – signed by Red Sox, 3-years, $39M
  13. David Ortiz – re-signed with the Red Sox, 2-years, $26M
  14. Mike Napoli – signed with the Red Sox, 3-years, $39M
  15. Adam LaRoche – re-signed with the Nats, 2-years, $24M
  16. Ryan Dempster – signed with the Red Sox, 2-years, $26.5M
  17. Rafael Soriano – signed by the Nats, 2-years, $28M
  18. Melky Cabrera – signed with the Blue Jays, 2-years, $16M
  19. Shaun Marcum – signed by the Mets, 1-year, $4M
  20. Torii Hunter – signed with the Tigers, 2-years, $26M
  21. Russell Martin – signed with the Pirates, 2-years, $17M
  22. Cody Ross – signed by the D-Backs, 3-years, $26M
  23. Marco Scutaro – re-signed by the Giants, 3-years, $20M
  24. Stephen Drew – signed by the Red Sox, 1-year, $9.5M
  25. Joe Saunders – signed by Seattle, 1-year, $6.5M
  26. Ryan Ludwick – signed by the Reds, 2-years, $15M
  27. Kevin Youkilis – signed by the Yankees, 1-year, $12M
  28. Francisco Liriano – signed by the Pirates, 1-year, $1M
  29. Carlos Villanueva – signed with the Cubs, 2-years, $12M
  30. A.J. Pierzynski – signed with the Rangers, 1-year, $7.5M
  31. Joe Blanton – signed with the Angels, 2-years, $15M
  32. Brandon McCarthy – signed by the Diamondbacks, 2-years, $15.5M
  33. Jason Grilli – re-signed by the Pirates, 2-years, $6.75M
  34. Kyuji Fujikawa – signed with the Cubs, 2-years, $9.5M
  35. Koji Uehara – signed with the Red Sox, 1-year, $4.25M
  36. Ryan Madson – signed with the Angels
  37. Joakim Soria – signed with the Rangers, 2-years, between $8-$9M
  38. Joel Peralta – re-signed with the Rays, 2-years, $6M
  39. Mariano Rivera – re-signed with Yankees, 1-year, $10M
  40. Ichiro Suzuki – re-signed with the Yankees, 2-years, $12M
  41. Jeff Keppinger – signed with the White Sox, 3-years, $12M
  42. Mike Adams – signed with the Phillies, 2-years, $12M
  43. Andy Pettitte – re-signed with Yankees, 1-year, $12M
  44. Jose Valverde
  45. Jonathan Broxton – signed with the Reds, 3-years, $21M
  46. Scott Baker – signed with the Cubs, 1-year, $5.5M
  47. Sean Burnett – signed by the Angels, 2-years, $8M
  48. Jeremy Guthrie – signed with the Royals, 3-years, $25M
  49. Eric Chavez – signed with the Diamondbacks, 1-year, $3M
  50. Jeremy Affeldt – re-signed with the Giants, 2-years, $9.5M


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15 Responses to 2012/13 MLB Top 50 Free Agent Tracker

  1. Buster Olney said Josh Hamilton is looking for Prince Fielder money which was $214 million. It sounds like nobody is willing to go that high though. One agent told Olney, "Nobody is giving him more than four years."

    • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

      I think he'll get at least 5 years and likely 6 before it's all said and done. If I'm a team, I'd much rather put the money on him than Greinke. Not to mention, Hamilton has A LOT of star power to boot which Greinke really doesn't.

  2. I don't think this is going to happen, but I'd love for the Yankees to sign Hamilton to a one-year, $30 million deal. He's going to get big offers even if they aren't $214 million so there is no way he'd ever settle for $30 million.

    • Derek says:

      Rob, I respectfully disagree with you. I know that one year for $30MM would be great, but I do not want to set the precedent tha the Yankees have to outspend teams to get the best players. I would love for a slight change in thinking and developing a pride for playing in the pinstripes, not for making tons of green paper fall from the sky.

      In other thoughts, I think the Orioles may be possible suitors for B.J. Upton. I realize that they have Adam Jones, but if they are in the market for Hamilton and balk at the asking price, they might be able to settle for Upton at a slightly lesser contract and get a really solid LF in the process. Just a radical thought.

      • I don't think the Yankees have to worry about falling in with the bottom echelon of teams that have to outspend just to get players to come here. But if you do want a player like Hamilton on a one-year deal you have to give him a damn good reason to pass up multi year offers and that means spending more on a one-year contract than he would make in any season of a multi-year deal.

        I think it's silly to suggest that if the Yankees managed to do that, especially with the budget being talked about so publicly the way it is, that they are in any danger of setting a precedent where they would always have to overpay for players to come here. Silly. This is a place where players, except Cliff Lee, want to play. Just look at Hiroki Kuroda, passed up a $18 million offer from the Padres to come to the Yankees just this offseason. Or Mark Teixeira, who passed up an extra $30 million from the Nationals to come to the Yankees.

        The precedent is already set and that's if you are serious about going after a World Series title, you come to the Bronx.

  3. Broxton comes off the board. Three years and $21 million sounds like a lot for him. Could end up being a bargain though if 2010 and 2011 were aberrations.

  4. BJ Upton comes off the board. 5 years and $75 million from Atlanta. Hard to say if this helps or hurts Swisher's case for a $100 million contract. Upton doesn't have his offensive numbers, but Swisher is older, slower, and a worse defender (he's certainly not bad, but Upton is better and a center fielder).

  5. The Twins traded Denard Span to the Nationals for RHP Alex Meyer. Meyer is one of the Nationals top pitching prospects. Last year was his first as a pro and in 129 IP, he had a 2.86 ERA, 9.7 K/9, 3.1 BB/9. He's 6-foot-9 and Baseball American said he throws in the 94-97 mph range and has occasionally hit 100 mph. http://www.csnwashington.com/baseball-washington-

  6. Angel Pagan off the board too.

  7. Two potential Yankees targets come off the board tonight — Victorino to Boston and Scutaro to San Fran. Both players seem a bit overpaid though so it's not awful to see the Yankees pass them up.

  8. We're up to 26 of the top 50 free agents signed. Most recent update includes Blanton and Burnett going to the Angels, Fujikawa going to the Cubs, Uehara going to Boston, and I updated Kepp and Chavez. The top 4 free agents are still available though.

  9. Greinke came off the board tonight. As well as Ludwick, and McCarthy. Greinke going to the Dodgers hurts the Yankees chances of getting Hamilton. Texas is still trying to trade for Upton though and if they land him then the small chance that the Yankees go after Hamilton grows slightly.

  10. Hamilton to the Angels for 5-years, $125M. Now just 17 of the Top 50 free agents left on the board.

  11. Just seven players left un-signed on this list. Three of them are Scott Boras clients.

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