2012/13 MLB Top 50 Free Agent Tracker 15

I’ve been meaning to put this up for a little while now, but better late than never. Here is a list of the top 50 free agents that I will update as they sign with new teams. I’ll put a link to it on the right sidebar so you can easily check back here often for updates.

This post can also be used as a non-Yankee discussion thread this offseason.

Please comment with some predictions.

  1. Zack Greinke – signed with the Dodgers, 6-years, $147M
  2. Josh Hamilton – signed by the Angels, 5-years, $125M
  3. Michael Bourn – signed by the Indians, 4-years, $48M
  4. Anibal Sanchez – re-signed with the Tigers, 5-years, $80M
  5. B.J. Upton – signed with the Braves, 5-years, $75M
  6. Nick Swisher – signed with the Indians, 5-years, $56M
  7. Edwin Jackson – signed with the Cubs, 4-years, $52M
  8. Dan Haren – signed with the Nationals, 1-year, $13M
  9. Hiroki Kuroda – re-signed with the Yankees, 1-year, $15M
  10. Kyle Lohse – signed by the Brewers, 3-years, $33M
  11. Angel Pagan – re-signed with the Giants, 4-years, $40M
  12. Shane Victorino – signed by Red Sox, 3-years, $39M
  13. David Ortiz – re-signed with the Red Sox, 2-years, $26M
  14. Mike Napoli – signed with the Red Sox, 3-years, $39M
  15. Adam LaRoche – re-signed with the Nats, 2-years, $24M
  16. Ryan Dempster – signed with the Red Sox, 2-years, $26.5M
  17. Rafael Soriano – signed by the Nats, 2-years, $28M
  18. Melky Cabrera – signed with the Blue Jays, 2-years, $16M
  19. Shaun Marcum – signed by the Mets, 1-year, $4M
  20. Torii Hunter – signed with the Tigers, 2-years, $26M
  21. Russell Martin – signed with the Pirates, 2-years, $17M
  22. Cody Ross – signed by the D-Backs, 3-years, $26M
  23. Marco Scutaro – re-signed by the Giants, 3-years, $20M
  24. Stephen Drew – signed by the Red Sox, 1-year, $9.5M
  25. Joe Saunders – signed by Seattle, 1-year, $6.5M
  26. Ryan Ludwick – signed by the Reds, 2-years, $15M
  27. Kevin Youkilis – signed by the Yankees, 1-year, $12M
  28. Francisco Liriano – signed by the Pirates, 1-year, $1M
  29. Carlos Villanueva – signed with the Cubs, 2-years, $12M
  30. A.J. Pierzynski – signed with the Rangers, 1-year, $7.5M
  31. Joe Blanton – signed with the Angels, 2-years, $15M
  32. Brandon McCarthy – signed by the Diamondbacks, 2-years, $15.5M
  33. Jason Grilli – re-signed by the Pirates, 2-years, $6.75M
  34. Kyuji Fujikawa – signed with the Cubs, 2-years, $9.5M
  35. Koji Uehara – signed with the Red Sox, 1-year, $4.25M
  36. Ryan Madson – signed with the Angels
  37. Joakim Soria – signed with the Rangers, 2-years, between $8-$9M
  38. Joel Peralta – re-signed with the Rays, 2-years, $6M
  39. Mariano Rivera – re-signed with Yankees, 1-year, $10M
  40. Ichiro Suzuki – re-signed with the Yankees, 2-years, $12M
  41. Jeff Keppinger – signed with the White Sox, 3-years, $12M
  42. Mike Adams – signed with the Phillies, 2-years, $12M
  43. Andy Pettitte – re-signed with Yankees, 1-year, $12M
  44. Jose Valverde
  45. Jonathan Broxton – signed with the Reds, 3-years, $21M
  46. Scott Baker – signed with the Cubs, 1-year, $5.5M
  47. Sean Burnett – signed by the Angels, 2-years, $8M
  48. Jeremy Guthrie – signed with the Royals, 3-years, $25M
  49. Eric Chavez – signed with the Diamondbacks, 1-year, $3M
  50. Jeremy Affeldt – re-signed with the Giants, 2-years, $9.5M


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