Cabrera beats Trout for AL MVP, Posey wins in the NL

It was a hotly contested debate, but Miguel Cabrera beat out Mike Trout for the American League MVP award. Buster Posey became the first catcher to win the NL MVP since 1972 as he beat out Ryan Braun, Andrew McCutchen, and Yadier Molina.

Cabrera hit .330/.393/.606 in 161 games this season, but was overshadowed by Trout, who hit .326/.399/.564 in 138 games, stole 49 bases, and played significantly better defense at a tougher position. But voters must have thought that Cabrera, who moved to third base and came through in clutch situations, was more valuable.

Posey had an amazing season and hit .336/.408/.549 in 148 games for the Giants. The voting wasn’t very close, but the competition actually was. Braun hit .319/.391/.595 with 30 stolen bases. I wonder if past PED issues had something to do with him getting more votes.¬†McCutchen’s poor second half probably had a lot to do with him losing votes, but overall he was right up there with the other two.

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  1. Matt_DC says:

    I preferred Cabrera, but am still surprised it wasn't closer. David Schoenfeld had a good piece today mentioning the years power guys won it over all around, and vice versa.

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