Cashman: I believe that Andy Pettitte will play

Andy Pettitte still hasn’t made a decision as to whether he’ll play next year or retire, but Brian Cashman is very hopeful that he’ll return and thinks that it will happen.

“I talked to Andy a few days after we got eliminated,” Cashman told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “In that conversation, he was going to take his family away, his son was playing in a tournament. He just said he’s going to take some time, talk to his family. It wasn’t going to take long. I didn’t ask how long ‘long’ was, but he’ll call me. I’m not going to push him. He’ll let me know when he’s made a final decision about whatever he’s choosing to do.

“I hope he plays. I believe that it’s in his blood that he wants to play. I believe that, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. But I think he wants to play, and I’m hoping he’ll call and tell me that.”

Pettitte, who came out of retirement this year and pitched to a 2.87 ERA, a 8.2 K/9 and a 2.5 BB/9, dropped hints throughout the season that this wasn’t going to be his last year. He’s also gone through this same exact practice three times already, twice he came back and once he retired — this process has sounded and felt much more like the two times he came back than the one time he retired. It seems likely he will return.

Pettitte earned just a prorated portion of his $2.5 contract he had this year. Even after missing a little more than two months on the DL, he’ll likely expect a raise. The only reason he agreed to such a small amount last offseason was because his decision to return came at the last minute after the Yankees had already signed Hiroki Kuroda. They want to re-sign both this offseason, but they no longer have the ‘we’re up to our budget’ excuse.

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