Rumor: Pirates making a run at Russell Martin 11

There are a number of teams interested in free agent catcher Russell Martin, but it appears to be coming down to a race between the Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Heyman says that the Pirates are prepared to offer him a three-year $25 million deal. He added that so far the Yankees are not “offering anything close to that,” and seem to prefer a two-year deal. Martin is believed to prefer re-signing with the Yankees though and Heyman suggests that if the Yankees increase their offering in either salary, an option year, or a third year that might be enough to land him.

It doesn’t sound like Martin is expected to take long in making a decision and one could come before the Winter Meetings which start next Monday in Nashville, Tenn.┬áThe Rangers and Mariners are also expected to be involved in the bidding for Martin.

Crazy times we’re living in when the Pirates are able to outbid the Yankees.

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11 thoughts on “Rumor: Pirates making a run at Russell Martin

  • Tanned Tom

    Let them have him. This guy sucks offensively, his numbers are in a nosedive, and anyone stupid enough to pick Pittsburgh over NY deserves all that's coming to him. I mean, honestly. Romine, Whiteside and Stewart, serve it up!

  • John

    and he'll be reunited with his buddy, AJ Burnett. C-ya Russell and good luck in the city that MLB forgot.

  • Gonzalo Hiram

    If the contract was 2y/12-14M that would be different. For the amount of money the Pirates are paying I really don't care.

    What pissed me off was reading Denard Span for just one single highly-touted pitching prospect.
    The twins are so dumb, and I don't understand how Cashman didn't get involved in a Span trade, He has an extremely friendly contract and it didn't take too much to get him, I even would say it took nothing.

  • Hardcore Yankee Fan

    Wow! I'm surprise that the Yanks didn't pull the trigger on that but I guess the AAV was a bit too much for them. Certainly the dollars couldn't have been an issue apart from 2014 budget considerations.

  • ollie

    You Martin haters got your way, he is off to the Pirates. So now they have a prehistoric pitching staff and no catcher. Maybe Posada is coming back! I really miss "The Boss"

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