Rumor: Yankees confident Pettitte will return

Hiroki Kuroda was the first big step for the Yankees this offseason. The next will be re-signing Andy Pettitte, who still hasn’t made up his mind about retirement for next season, but according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post the Yankees are confident that he will return next season. However, he will likely want a raise on the $2.5 million he made last season.

It seems like Pettitte always goes through this every offseason. He leaves not saying for sure if he’s going to retire or not and¬†eventually¬†makes up his mind. On three occasions he decided to comeback, once he retired. All four times there was evidence of his eventual decision and this season the evidence has overwhelmingly pointed in the direction that he will return.

Like Kuroda, Pettitte will likely require a raise in order to return. He made very little last season because he made his decision so late in the offseason and the Yankees had already spent most of their budget. This time around they won’t get such a sweetheart deal. It’ll probably cost them at least $8 million plus incentives this time around. That’s fine with the Yankees though as any contract he signs will be a one-year deal which will not be a problem with their 2014 austerity budget.

Pettitte shocked everyone when he came out of retirement last season. He ended up pitching very well, a 2.87 ERA, 8.2 K/9 and a 2.5 BB/9, but he miss April because he waited so long to decide on his return and then another three months because of a broken ankle. Still, he did enough to show that even at 40-years-old the Yankees still want him around.

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12 Responses to Rumor: Yankees confident Pettitte will return

  1. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I think anything in the $8-12 million range is fine with me. He'll start the season, presumably spring training, unlike this past year when he missed almost a third of the season. He was very durable this past year only missing time because of the fluke hit off his shin. Pay him what he wants within reason as long as its one year.

  2. ollie says:

    Take the $8 million and sign a couple of young arms. It is time to rebuild for the future. The Yanks were pressed to make the playoffs last year and as of now look even weaker with possibly only Boston worse. The offspring of the "Boss" doesn't want to spend which is his right so now is the time to rebuild and not prolong the agony. I don't see how signing Pettitte for all that money will make any difference.

    • Keena says:

      Totally agree Ollie!

    • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

      I'm always surprised when I read comments like this. Just who are these young arms (who presumably are as good as Pettite) that are going to sign $8 million deals, let alone for one year? Sure, WE ALL want that. It's not there to be had is the problem. If it were, EVERY team would line up to sign them, even the Marlins.

    • The Yankees were pressed to make the playoffs? Do you realize that they had the best record in the AL last season? Not only that, they made the playoffs despite missing quite a few big names on the DL. This is a very good team still. No reason to rebuild.

  3. Mike says:

    I really like Andy and the job he has done for the Yanks, BUT now should be the time to develop or purchase some young arms. Sign him if they can stay under 6 million but I wouldn't go very high considering he will most likely end up on the DL for one reason or another.

    • Derek says:

      Mike this point is spot on. $6MM is the maximum I would give Pettitte. Why? Lack of durability. Yes his stats looked great last year. And no, I believe he is worth more than $2.5MM. But how much better could he be than last year? He's going to get hurt. Its a guarantee, just like death and taxes. So please Yankees do not ink him for too much money. He has been historically a phenomenal pitcher, particularly in the second half of the season. I would, however, really like to see some of the younger arms in the system get a couple cracks at Major League hitting during the season.

      The team's outlook is probably around the 90 win mark this year, but the Yankees are really in a "re-build" mode. Incredible, considering every other franchise would take 90 wins and be ecstatic. Let's sign Pettitte for a reasonable amount and hopefully continue to develop a few of the younger arms in the minors.

      • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

        You guys make absolutely no sense. First off, Pettitte has been very durable throughout his career and only lost time last year to a ball that was hit off his shin. It's FAR FROM A "GUARANTEE" that he is going to get hurt. As for being "better than last year", he could be much less effective and STILL be a valuable asset. So apart from the fact that you are completely speculating, your basic conclusion is that you don't want to spend a measly couple millions more to lock up a huge addition to the rotation when the team already has $200M that it's already going to pay out??? Not to mention if and when they do make the playoffs, you want Nova or Phelps making starts in lieu of a Pettitte.

        The younger arms that deserve a crack at the Majors will definitely get it. The problem is, they don't really have many who have shown they deserve that chance. Phelps has been it and he will get chances to be sure but I certainly don't want him to take Andy's spot if Andy is available. They have a good chance to make the playoffs next year and I certainly want Andy on that roster. That's got to be worth TONS.

        They should spend whatever it takes to shore up the 2013 roster. Their rotation currently looks like:

        Phil (???)
        Ivan (YIKES??)
        Phelps (???)

        Pineda may come back sometime mid season but he's far from proven himself with only a good half season of MLB service. Signing Andy for 2013 is a NO BRAINER. I'm not sure why EVERY Yankee fan doesn't see that.

      • Greg Corcoran says:

        Who are the younger arms that deserve a crack at major league hitting? Okay, David Phelps, whose ceiling is a number 3-4 starter mind you. Beyond that though, who in the minor leagues is ready for the majors? Adam Warren was really bad last season and doesn't look ready. Brett Marshall hasn't made a start above Double-A yet. Manny Banuelos is injured. Dellin Betances is a mess. DJ Mitchell and Hector Noesi are gone. Nik Turley, Matt Tracy, and Jose Ramirez are more than a year away.

        I just don't see where the young pitching for 2013 is coming from. Of course you re-sign Andy if you can.

    • Greg Corcoran says:

      I still don't understand this concept of "purchasing young arms." Again, who are these young arms, and why are they willing to sign for $8 million/year. We have to get younger soon and Cashman should explore any trade that allows us to do that, but you have to give up young talent to get young talent.

  4. I'm shocked to hear so many of you think the Yankees need to rebuild. They were the best team in the AL last year. If they re-sign Pettitte they'll have the same strong rotation that carried them to the ALCS last year. They were 4 wins from a trip to the World Series. That's closer than 26 other teams.

  5. ollie says:

    What will rotation look like in 2014 if Kuroda and Pettitte both decide to retire after next year? Yes they had best record in AL but they also were the same team that blew something like a 10 game lead in the second half and every team has injuries, they "were" pressed to make the playoffs!

    PS. this is really a good Board!

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