Rumor: Yankees have inquired about Giancarlo Stanton

In the wake of the Miami Marlins fire sale a lot of teams have called them to inquire about stud outfielder Giancarlo Stanton including the Yankees, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

Cafardo joked that as many as 25 teams have called to inquire about Stanton so there would obviously be a big bidding war so he wouldn’t come cheap. On top of that, Cafardo notes that MLB commissioner Bud Selig would be monitoring any potential trade with suspicion if the Marlins traded their last and biggest draw. Not sure if that would mean he would block any potential trades, but he could evoke the baseball’s-best-interest clause to block a trade.

If the Yankees could pry him from the Marlins and Selig approved the deal it certainly wouldn’t be cheap. We’re talking a deal that starts with Gary Sanchez, throw in Mason Williams, possibly even Tyler Austin and Jose Ramirez, and then other useful prospects on top of that. This would have to be a Hershel Walker type deal that empties out the Yankees prospect cupboard. It wouldn’t be pretty for the prospect huggers.

It might be worth it though. Stanton is not under contract right now, but he has at least three, maybe four, more years of team control left (although those final couple years will not be cheap). It would help the Yankees get under $189 million for one year at least though and he hit a robust .290/.361/.608 last season. That’s crazy production from a 22-year-old. Considering that prospects are non-guaranteed even a deal shipping off three of the Yankees top five prospects might ultimately pay off.

Even though the Yankees, and a lot of teams, have called the Marlins to ask about him it doesn’t appear that they are willing to actually trade him. MLB will put pressure on them against a deal and there has been no indication that they are open to dealing him right now. So try not to get your hopes up.

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6 Responses to Rumor: Yankees have inquired about Giancarlo Stanton

  1. Biggie says:

    Granderson, Hughes, Sanchez and Austin for Stanton and Nolasco? Is that enough?

  2. thevilway says:

    Why can't the Yankees produce good prospects anymore? Cano than…? Seems like a while since they had a good hitting prospect. Jesus was Loose than was gone. Idk maybe this isn't a good idea.

  3. Why does everyone forget about Gardner. He's an elite all around outfielder. Plus it's hard to produce good prospects. It's not like 29 other teams are pumping out MVP's every year. And the Yankees usually miss out on all the good 1st round talent.

    • thevilway says:

      To me it seems like Gardy's been around but really he hasn't. Love seeing him fly when healthy. Good def, great arm,No real bat. Hes inconsistant . I mean look a Elsberry. Good def No arm explosive bat when he's healthy. Just saying we haven't had good big bat guys.

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