Rumor: Yankees talking with Scott Hairston

The Yankees are interested in outfielder Scott Hairston, who could be a good replacement for Andruw Jones as a powerful bat against lefties, and have had a couple of conversations with him about coming to the Bronx, according to Dan Martin of the NY Post.

Hairston, who will be 33 in May, hit .263/.299/.504 in 398 plate appearances with the Mets last year and hit .286/.317/.550 against lefties. He’s also got experience playing all three outfield spots so he might be a perfect fit to replace Jones.

There is a bit of a problem. As much as the Yankees would like to have him, they still seem unwilling to give out multi-year contracts and Hairston has gotten interest from other teams, including the Mets, as well.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Yankees talking with Scott Hairston

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Another over 30, low OBP hitter? Great. His OBP against lefties was .317? That is below the league average. You platoon him with Ibanez and you have 2 hitters with below average OBPs. What is the point of this?
    Re-sign Suzuki, who can still hit AND field AND run, give Dickerson a chance at 4th OF, and use the DH position to keep all the old guys (A-Roid, Jeter) fresh and the defensively challenged (Granderson and Jeter) off the field.
    Re-signing Ibanez is pointless. He's too old and slow to play the field and his numbers for the year sucked. Don't let a few big hits at the very end make people forget the poor performance for the 6 months before that.
    You never develop the younger players unless you play them. Playing AAA ball doesn't make them into MLBers, playing in the bigs does that. Other teams see young players break out all the time, even the Red Sox do this. But the Yanks seem almost afraid to try.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    The team should do this at every decison point: Nunez should get a chance at SS now, not when he's too old to have any trade value left. Mustelier should be brought up to see if he can cut it as backup 3B. Let's give Phelps a full year in the rotation, along with Hughes and Nova. Getting serious about developing younger talent means that some of them will fail, or not quite be ready, but it means giving them the shot. The best team of the last 50 years was the 1998 Yankees. Look at the ages of some of those players. Posada 26, Martinez 30, Knoblauch 29, Jeter 24, Brosius 31, Williams 29, Pettitte 26, Nelson and Stanton 31, Rivera 28. Now there were some older players: O'Neill, Cone, Wells were all 35. But what do we see? A ton of younger players, AND there wasn't one guy who played in 100 games with an OBP of less than .350! Not one. Jeter led that team in strikeouts with 119.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    The 2012 club's ages: 29 Martin and Cano, 31 Swisher and Granderson, 32 Teixeira, 34 Chavez, 36 A-Roid, 38 Jeter, 40 Ibanez. And it had 5 guys who played in over 100 games with an OBP under .350. FIVE! and 3 of them were under .320. Swisher was their 2nd best hitter and they're letting him leave. They're bringing back their worst hitter Ibanez. Is this any way to run a club? Year after year Cashman pursues a short sighted scheme. I applaud his trade for Pineda and Campos, but there needs to be a lot more of that. He could start by allowing Chavez, Jones, Ibanez, Garcia and Nix to leave and trading Granderson.

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