Rumor: Yankees would like an upgrade over Jayson Nix

It seemed like a long shot that Jayson Nix would even make the Yankees, but because of injuries and the terrible defense of Eduardo Nunez, he wound up spending almost the entire season in the Bronx. He didn’t do terribly for a backup, hitting .243/.306/.384 in 66 games, but according to Ken Davidoff of the New York Post, the Yankees feel they can do better and want an upgrade for next season.

Davidoff mentioned that they would like someone who could play 100 games between shortstop and third base next year. They could just use Eduardo Nunez, but the Yankees say they want him to focus solely on shortstop. The free agent market is very thin though. Jeff Keppinger is available and he did have a better season that Nix, hitting .325/.367/.439 in 113 games. But those numbers seem like a bit of a fluke since he hasn’t put up even close to something like that since 2007 — his third season in the league.

The Yankees could go with Nunez to play shortstop and David Adams to play third. That is if they think Adams is not only ready, but capable of playing a major league caliber third base as well. Adams finished last season in Double-A. He did well, hitting .306/.385/.450 in 86 games, but has only 37 games played at third base. It’s not likely that the Yankees will want to break camp with him on the roster, though it is possible.

Otherwise they are going to have to replace Nix through a trade. Most trades happen in December during or after the Winter Meetings, but the Yankees always wait until the last minute to address their bench while they wait out the veterans who are expecting to get paid more than they are worth.

Nix is not yet under contract for next season, but he is arbitration eligible. The Yankees could non-tender him though for his 40-man roster spot which seems especially likely if they are already looking for an upgrade.

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2 Responses to Rumor: Yankees would like an upgrade over Jayson Nix

  1. John says:

    I like Nix and thought he did excellent off the bench and spot starter given the injuries. He is versatile, has a little speed, and seemed sure handed. While Keppinger has a good offensive season, I still like Nix more. Keppinger is 2.5 years older, has no speed, and little pop.

    All told Nunez is still the better offensive player. And that wonderful speed is great on the aging Yankees bench.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    I too feel Nix did okay, but he's not part of the plan. The plan seems to be Nunez at SS sometime soon, Adams at 2B if they lose Cano but at 3B as a backup to A-Roid until then. This seems to indicate that Chavez is done as well. Frankly I'm fine with jettisoning all the older backups and bringing the younger guys in. They must really be high on Adams as they dumped Laird this year as well.

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