Somber notes: Perez passes and Taylor arrested

I have a couple of somber notes to pass along about two ex-Yankees today.

  • Former Yankee pitcher from 1990-1991, Pascual Perez, was murdered in his home in the Dominican Republic during an armed robbery (link).
  • The Yankees 1991 1st round draft pick Brien Taylor is facing up to 40 years in prison for selling crack (link).

Neither player had a significant Yankee career in the big scheme of things. Most know Taylor’s tragic story of an extremely gifted young pitcher who was compared to Doc Gooden, but ultimately ruined his career in a fight. Perez was a colorful character who only pitched 17 games for the Yankees, but was very successful, a 2.87 ERA, during that short time. Here is a good article on Perez for those who wish to read more about him.

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  1. cls121389 says:

    Brien's injury was in a fist fight, but it was not a bar fight.

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