Torii Hunter signed a 2-year deal with the Detroit Tigers

The Yankees have officially swung and missed at signing outfielder Torii Hunter to replace Nick Swisher in right field as Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that he has signed a two-year deal to play with the Detroit Tigers pending a physical.

Early on in the offseason it appeared that the Yankees could target Hunter as he is still productive, but at 37-years-old wouldn’t command a huge multi-year offer the way Swisher would. Unfortunately, the Yankees are so obsessed with lowering payroll below $189 million by 2014 that they balked when Hunter asked for a two-year pact.

The Yankees have not been connected to other free agent outfielders through rumors yet. Ichiro Suzuki has expressed a desire to return though and they were supposedly interested in Cody Ross in the past and could turn to him as a Swisher replacement. The Yankees have no outfielders in the minor leagues that are ready to step in although Chris Dickerson could potentially serve as part of a platoon.

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5 Responses to Torii Hunter signed a 2-year deal with the Detroit Tigers

  1. kay says:

    I suppose fans of every team go through times when their confidence in their team wavers. I'm going though that with the Yankees. The 2012 season just wasn't good enough. So they won a lot of games – but not at the end when it really mattered. The 2013 team won't be any better. Unless they sign some major, huge talent, things can only get worse. I can't believe they didn't sign Torii Hunter. Why didn't they put together a great team in this off season that would win it all in 2013? Now there are no great players left for them to get. Wouldn't increased revenues from daily sold-out games at least partially make up the difference if they had to pay high taxes next year? Wow, I really miss George Steinbrenner. What has happened to the Yankees' pride?

  2. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    Rob A. Do you remember me saying Verlander isn't winning the Cy Young this year.
    As I called it "The Double Crown", ERA and W, made Price a winner

    • That's a shame because Verlander had the better season. This is a case where the writers got it wrong. Can't get too upset though, Price did have a very good year. Just not as good as Verlander.

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