Yankees’ Mariano Rivera will return in 2013 7


There were suggestions that Mariano Rivera might retire, but lucky for us they are not true. Erik Boland of Newsday reported this morning that Rivera called Yankees GM Brian Cashman yesterday and told him that he wanted to come back next year.

“Mo called me yesterday and said he wants to pitch again in 2013,” Cashman told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “So me and (agent) Fernando Cuza will bang out the details.”

Rivera is coming off a two-year, $30 million deal that paid him $15 million last season. The Yankees are likely going to want him to return on a smaller deal, but how much smaller is the question.

This likely means the end of Rafael Soriano‘s Yankee career. Soriano opted out of the final year of his three year contract last week. Yankees president Randy Levine suggested that it would take a four-year and $60 million contract. Cashman made it sound like the Yankees wouldn’t make a competitive offer if Rivera returned. The Yankees have offered him a qualifying offer of $13.3 million that he is yet to accept or reject.

7 thoughts on “Yankees’ Mariano Rivera will return in 2013

  • Joe

    Great news to have Mo back. Boras has Soriano brainwashed into a 60 mill/4 year deal. I'll take David Robertson in the set up role with Phelpsin the 7th inning.

  • brian

    It never ceases to amaze me how hung up fans are on player salaries…

    JUST ENJOY THE BASEBALL PEOPLE… although im sure Hal's wallet is thankful you're all looking out for it

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