Yankees may limit CC Sabathia’s innings going forward

Yankees ace CC Sabathia spent time on the DL two different times this year and still threw 200 innings because that’s what he does — he’s a horse who throws a ton of innings.

That may be taking a toll on him though as he experienced elbow troubles for the first time in his career this year. Going forward, the Yankees may place innings restrictions on him to protect his arm.

“Joe [Girardi] and I have talked about it even going back to last year.,” Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild told Justin Terranova of the NY Post. “This year we talked about it even more. When he had a chance to pitch on extra rest we did that. In the past he would pitch every fifth day almost all the time.”

CC is already 32 so limiting his innings when it’s possible is probably smart going forward, but I question the Yankees ability to keep this from becoming a side show. Hopefully they’ll be smart about it and pick their spots to rest him when they can and not make too big a deal about it. After all, if he’s not healthy enough to make it through a season without “CC Rules” than the Yankees are in trouble anyway.

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