Yankees saw Hunter as a good fit, but never made offer

Many thought the search for Nick Swisher‘s replacement in right field would take the Yankees to Torii Hunter, but they sat idly by as he signed a two-year, $26 million deal with the Detroit Tigers.

It turns out that while the Yankees saw Hunter as a good fit, they never made an offer as they are more focused on re-signing Hiroki Kuroda and Mariano Rivera right now, according to Erik Boland of Newsday.

The Yankees were actually interested in Hunter at once point and reached out to his agent. Once they found out that he was looking for a two-year deal, they lost interest. It turns out that two-years and $26 million is too rich for the Yankees as they try to get the payroll to $189 million by 2014.

It seems the Yankees are content to sit back and wait on the outfield market and see what develops. This tends to be how Brian Cashman operates anyway. He sees Kuroda and Rivera as high priorities because they’ll only require one-year contracts that won’t hurt their payroll flexibility heading into 2014. Only after he’s taken care of them will he turn toward other options (it seems as if Andy Pettitte isn’t involved at this point because he hasn’t decided upon retirement yet).

The Winter Meetings start on Dec. 3rd this year. If the Yankees are going to do anything on the outfielder front the earliest it seems they’ll start exploring possibilities would be there. The Yankees traded for Curtis Granderson during the Winter Meetings in 2010.

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3 Responses to Yankees saw Hunter as a good fit, but never made offer

  1. Jeff Bunnell says:

    Torii Hunter has the same strikeout ratio as Nick Swisher, so this wouldn't have been an upgrade by any means… Way to hold your ground NY.

  2. DSRG716 says:

    Kuroda only wants one year now? The latest rumors seem to indicate that he wants two years and the Dodgers are willing to spend whatever it takes to get him back now that their ownership situation is resolved. I would love him to sign with the Yanks for another one year deal, but even if it takes two, I think Cash should do it. Honestly, I don't really want to think about the Yankee rotation without him…Pettitte possibly may not come back, Hughes is really just a 4th starter at best, and Nova was left out of the playoff rotation. Get Kuroda signed, Cash.

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