Yankees will make Swisher a qualifying offer, hope he rejects

After another bad year in the playoffs for Nick Swisher this year, the Yankees would like to see his era end. They do plan on extending Swisher a qualifying offer of $13.3 million, but they’re hope that he rejects it so they can get an extra draft pick and not him, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Over the course of Swisher’s contract with the Yankees, he has been very productive. He hit .268/.367/.483 which was good for a 124 OPS+. But he hit just .162/.252/.308 in 36 playoff games and while most postseason struggles can be explained away by a small sample size — after 148 plate appearances, the Yankees are tired of waiting.

Instead they’ll potentially re-sign Ichiro Suzuki to play right or possibly sign Torii Hunter to take Swish’s spot. Or perhaps they’ll sign both and find a way to rotate the DH to get everybody enough playing time. Either way, unless Swisher accepts the qualifying offer, and they hope he won’t, the Swisher-era is over.

Rumors suggest that Swisher was looking for a Jayson Werth type contract in the seven-year $126 million range before the playoffs. After the playoffs it seems next to impossible for him to get that much, but he will still probably get a nice contract. Meanwhile, the Yankees have a goal of lowering payroll to $189 million by 2014 and a multi-year offer for Swisher hurts their financial flexibility to get that done (although it is technically possible).

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2 Responses to Yankees will make Swisher a qualifying offer, hope he rejects

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    I'm sure he's get 4 years and $56 mil, just not from the Yanks. I'll miss this guy's upbeat attitude. 25th best offensive player in baseball over last 7 years (min 900 ABs). I'd rather they trade Granderson, but that's unlikely.

  2. clifftabor says:

    Swish will probably go down as the worst-ever playoff performer, given all of his post-season at bats.
    One cannot help but like Swisher and his fun-loving attitude, but how long can the Yanks take his
    playoff doldrums. He literally squeezes the saw-dust right out of the bat with his wanting to do well
    in post-season. If he didn't try so hard to be a hero, but instead looked to just put the bat on the ball,
    he would have had at least has some success.

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