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With no hometown discount coming, Cano could be gone next year

The Yankees have been talking about a $189 million budget for over a year now and throughout that entire time it has been a given that they would eventually re-sign Robinson Cano despite the budget. However, it’s becoming more and … Continue reading

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A-Rod Speaks for 1st time since surgery announcement

Alex Rodriguez had not made any statements to anybody since the announcement that he will need his second hip surgery in four years until a charity event on Saturday. Here is what he said: NOT CONCERNED: ā€œIā€™m not concerned,ā€ Rodriguez … Continue reading

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Dodgers surpass the Yankees for biggest payroll in baseball

For the first time since 1998, the Yankees will not be the richest team in baseball. That title now goes to the Los Angeles Dodgers who are already outspending the Yankees and are not done spending this offseason. The Dodgers … Continue reading

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Where the 2012 Yankees got value and where they over spent

The Yankees spent over $200 million on their roster last year, but that money is only good if they got what they paid for. So using FanGraphs’ value system I took a look at how the Yankees spent their money, … Continue reading

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