A.J. Pierzynski agrees to a one-year deal with the Rangers


It looks like Brian Cashman either wasn’t bluffing or he simply missed out on yet another free agent as the last decent catcher on the free agent market, A.J. Pierzynski, agreed to a one-year deal with the Texas Rangers, according to Jim Bowden of ESPN.

The Yankees need a catcher and are looking to sign one-year deals so this looked like an inevitable match up, but it won’t be happening now. Apparently Ichiro Suzuki is the only one worthy of a multi-year deal with the Yankees this offseason. With plenty of other outfielders available and no other catchers it really leaves you scratching your head.

Barring anĀ unforeseenĀ trade this means the Yankees will start the season with either Francisco Cervelli, Chris Stewart, or Austin Romine as their starting catcher.

The Yankees said all along that they didn’t like Pierzynski’s defense, but the only even halfway decent hitter out of that group is Cervelli and he is even worse defensively than Pierzynski. If they are so worried about defense then it is hard to see them going with Cervelli too so get ready either for the injury prone, rookie Romine or the no-hit Stewart to be the Yankees Opening Day starter.

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11 Responses to A.J. Pierzynski agrees to a one-year deal with the Rangers

  1. John says:

    This is bad. Just bad

  2. Ice says:

    One year contract isn't that why yanks are offering these days. They should have signed aj . Big mistake

  3. randyC says:

    I don't know , but I used to be a die hard yankee fan for the last 50 years, but I can't believe what has developed for the 2012 Yankee's. The top earning francise in the major leagues. I am so sorry they don't have the money to sign and good players this year. Good luck trying to fill the seats this year with the team they have. I always go to New Yok every year, but not this year. I might not even watch a Yankee game this year. You bunch of (Coupon Clippers) I will put a collection box for donations since you don't have any money . Go ahead and let Cano and Granderson go After this year the remainder of the core 4 will be gone . Good luck rebuilding. I guess I will become a National's fan now. I bet George Steinbrenner is rolling over in his grave. I hope the Steinbrenner 's do sell the Yankee's as they don't give a crap about finishing last LMFAO…………………….

    • YankeezFan says:

      Die hard Yankee fan or fairweather Yankee fan…. wow the season hasnt even started and youve given up…….. Sounds to me like your a Nationals fan who jumped on the Yankees band wagon.. now your leaving to go to your old team. Good riddens.

  4. ldubinsky says:

    there's so much about Pierzynski not to like…..and. of course, there's a decent chance that he'll not be available for 50 or so games.

  5. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    Those who already have given up, I hope you won't watch a single game. We are already more than enough fans so it would be good to get rid of bad and spoiled fans.

  6. Mike says:

    I would have passed on him as well. From everything I've read he is a cancer in the dugout. Not what the Yanks need. That being said the catching corps is very dismal, hopefully one of the three will rise to the occasion and give us a decent season.

  7. Matt_DC says:

    The Yankees are content to go with the one and done group they have, which may end up including Ibanez as well. The Yankees brass has an odd crush on Chris Stewart and I would be surprised if he is not on the opening day roster regardless of what they do from here. Unless they parlay Nova or even Grandy into a package including a catcher it looks like they will go with a Romine-Cervelli battle in March for the other roster spot.

    Not bringing Martin back is the key mistake. The contract he got from Pittsburgh was doable. I am still not understanding why Pettitte and Rivera took so much energy they couldn't work with anyone else.

    • I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I wouldn't rule out Stewart being the everyday catcher or at least getting 80 starts. The Yankees didn't like Pierzynski because of his defense and Cervelli is worse. Don't forget they thought so little of Cervelli they demoted him to the minors after he'd already been in the majors for years. Also, Romine is a rookie and historically it is very rare for the Yankees to go with a rookie catcher every day.

      • YankeezFan says:

        Cant see Cervelli being a worse catcher than Pierzynski… Pierzynski ranked 26 out of 27 in throwing out runners…. THAT IS JUST HORRENDOUS… Pierzynksi is better suited as a DH, much like Napoli, so he fits in the Rangers system of having bad catchers who DH. Cervelli was also NOT demoted, he was sent down to work on his defense and offense, its better than having him sit on the bench for 130 games watching Martin play… it makes more sense for him to get playing time… Stewart will always be a backup… i think that was made clear by the Yankees, whether he breaks out in spring training, i still think the Yankees see him as a backup. They may be in the process of actually getting a catcher, we dont know…. BUT please Pierzynskit is NOT a catcher, hes a DH who sits behind the plate and calls an at the best an AVERAGE game. He should be classified as another Napoli, but because the lack of quality catchers in the game, he gets a pass at that position, good luck in Texas, and good thing we didnt sign him.

  8. thurmanmantle says:

    The Yankees don't need a catcher. The sports writers and others want the Yankees to need a catcher. Yankee fans are startin to sound like something bad is happening. Take a pill. Let the season play out. There is a plan………get to the WS and win it. How can true Yankee fans believe anything different? Let the sports writers keep guessing whats going to happen…….just know there is a plan.

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