A look at where the Yankees 2013 payroll is so far

The Winter Meetings start today and the Yankees will be shopping for a new catcher and right fielder. With all the attention they are paying to their budget it would be helpful if we had a good idea of where the payroll currently stands so we can better know what to expect.

Here are the Yankees 2013 commitments so far and their luxury tax hit:

Alex Rodriguez, $27.5 million
CC Sabathia $24.4 million
Mark Teixeira, $22.5 million
Robinson Cano $15 million
Hiroki Kuroda $15 million
Derek Jeter, $14.375 million
Curtis Granderson $13 million
Andy Pettitte $12 million
Mariano Rivera, $10 million

Here are Yankees arbitration eligible players and their expected 2013 salaries:
*salaries based on MLBTR projections

Phil Hughes, $5.7 million
Boone Logan, $2.8 million
Brett Gardner, $2.8 million
David Robertson, $2.7 million
Joba Chamberlain, $1.8 million

That’s $153.775 million for nine guaranteed players and another projected $15.8 million for five other arbitration eligible players for a total $169.575 million already spent. Then there is also A.J. Burnett‘s $8.5 million commitment bringing the total to $178.075 spent in 2013.

So considering the Yankees payroll has been in the $209 million range for each of the past three years that’s technically another $30 million the Yankees could spend this offseason (as long as they don’t add multi-year deals). Don’t forget though that they still have 11 spots on the 25-man roster to fill which even at the major league minimum would be about $5.5 million.

That should be plenty of space for the Yankees to take on a catcher and and outfielder as long as they are one-year deals (multi-year deals are possible, but more complicated) as well as add another bench piece or two.

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3 Responses to A look at where the Yankees 2013 payroll is so far

  1. jersey joe says:

    i had to click on comments to see the full spread. just thoght id let you know…this is interesting and some people may not get to see it.

  2. peppers says:

    you also have to consider the 40 man roster. players on the 40 count towards to the luxury tax. so when you say 11 spots on the 25 will cost 5.5, you really should have said 26 spots on the 40 will cost about 13. this would leave the yanks with 2013 total of about 197 million. not much wiggle room.

    • RA_ says:

      178+13=191. Also players on the 40 man, that are not on the major league roster are not subject to the league minimum.

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