A-Rod was on pain medication during playoffs, spent the night in the ER

Not sure how we didn’t hear about this earlier, but it turns out that Alex Rodriguez‘s hip injury occurred before the playoffs and he was on pain medication throughout, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. Apparently the pain even got so bad that he had to spend the night in the Emergency Room.

That certainly sheds light on why he struggled so much and why Joe Girardi was willing to take a risk not only pinch hit for him in big spots, but to bench him quite a bit as well.

A-Rod was actually hot coming off the DH for a broken hand, but then on Sept. 18 things changed and he hit just .198/.293/.209 in 22 games including the playoffs after that. So that gives us an indication of when he might have gotten hurt.

Another thing that I missed was that Joel Sherman of the NY Post reported this morning that it is his left hip that he hurt and not the right hip that he had surgically repaired in 2009.

It’s hard to say if that last part makes this news better or worse. I suppose it’s better because we can reasonably expect that he’ll recover knowing that it’s not just going to break down again. At the same time though, it could be worse in that his entire body is just breaking down. A-Rod was a picture of health for most of his career, but he’s been plagued by injuries both big and small over the last four years. That hardly gives us reason to be hopeful about the remaining five years on his deal either way.

Finally, the surgery plans have been laid out by the Yankees.┬áHe will undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum, bone impingement, and the correction of a cyst. The surgery will take place four-to-six weeks from now and will require a four-to-six month rehab. That means that the absolute best case scenario would have him ready by May, but more likely he’ll be a late-June/mid-July return.

Once he finally does get back on the field there will be serious questions as to whether or not he is done as a third baseman. He already took a big step back last season as he served as the DH 38 times. He also had a relatively poor season in the field with a negative-3.9 UZR which is his worst mark in years. After his second hip surgery can we realistically expect him to even play 80 games a year at third? Even if he’s physically capable of it is it worth it to risk further injuries? This surgery likely signals the end of A-Rod’s days in the field. Full time DH here we come.

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8 Responses to A-Rod was on pain medication during playoffs, spent the night in the ER

  1. Mike says:

    Another bombshell in the "Life With Arod" series. How about releasing him and paying the stupid, idiotic contract. He's NEVER going to play that much anyway, let alone be productive.

  2. Keena says:

    Then what explains all the other playoff failures?

  3. jersey joe says:

    so now we need a third baseman as well as a right fielder, catcher , and servicable bench players….oh boy.

  4. Greg Corcoran says:

    I'm surprised no one has come out and said this already, but damn, can we cut this guy some slack now? It sucks that he's injured but don't you think if that was Jeter playing through a torn labrum everyone would be saying what a warrior he is? I have to give the guy credit for playing through what must have been a very painful injury and not bitching about it a single time. He didn't even so much as tell anyone outside the organization that he was hurt. That would have removed him from all of the criticism he received, yet he still didn't make any excuses.

    I am not a fan of a-rod by any stretch of the imagination, but shit, he just went up a few notches in my book.

  5. kay says:

    Greg, I agree with you. I do like A-Rod and think people have been too tough on him because he has been compared and contrasted with Jeter.. But I'm beginning to think the best thing he could do for the Yankees, and perhaps for himself, would be to retire. He's in bad shape physically and may not be really fit to play at all in 2013. If he bowed out gracefully the team would have some money for all the other spots they have to fill. If he said he's was doing it for the sake of the team he loves, he'd finally be considered a good, unselfish guy.

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