Eric Chavez plans to play in 2013

Last offseason it was either retirement or returning to the Yankees for Eric Chavez. This offseason is a bit different because Chavez definitely plans on playing again next year and is already talking to other clubs.

“Chavy has no intention of retiring,” Chavez’s agent Scott Leventhal told Anthony McCarron of the NY Daily News. “We have spoken to and met with multiple clubs regarding his future in baseball.”

That’s a good sign that he isn’t planning on returning to the Yankees because when asked about Chavez earlier in the week Yankees GM Brian Cashman responded by saying that he didn’t know what he was doing or even if he was going to retire or not.

It’s hard to say if parting ways with Chavez would be good or bad. For one thing, he is a huge injury risk and it’s not good to rely on players who can’t be relied upon. However, Chavez did actually make it through the entire year last season and was very important. In 113 games he hit .281/.348/.496 and was even better against righties hitting .298/.365/.543 which made him a great platoon partner with Alex Rodriguez.

Another thing to keep in mind was Chavez’s ability to back up Mark Teixeira. If Chavez doesn’t return and Nick Swisher is gone then the Yankees have no backup in place for Teixeira and considering he’s landed on the DL multiple times over the past two years it might be smart to have a solid backup in place.

Even if Cashman does want to keep him though nothing is going to happen on that front anytime soon. More important than who their backup third and first baseman is will be who starts behind the plate and in right field. Considering it’s going to take a while to fill those positions, I don’t see the Yankees turning their attention toward Chavy until January at the earliest. They didn’t sign him until February in 2012 and 2013.

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  1. serafin mora says:

    Chavez is a great player. He still can help any team in the pursuit of a pennant.

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