Ichiro is done waiting for the Yankees

Just one week ago, Ichiro Suzuki‘s agent said that he liked playing for the Yankees so much that he wait for them. Other teams were interested, but he would wait until they were ready to talk to him.

Well, the Yankees have re-signed Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte, and Mariano Rivera and now Ichiro is done waiting.

“As far as we are concerned we don’t care what the Yankees do,” Ichiro’s agent Tony Attanasio told George King of the NY Post. “We have had conversations with multiple clubs. If we see something we like he will go through with it.”

That was quick. Ichiro said he would wait and then just a week later has changed his mind which is a shame because it does sound like the Yankees are legitimately interested in re-signing him, but Brian Cashman prefers to be patient. He’s not going to jump and sign Ichiro when he hasn’t even gone to the Winter Meetings yet, not seen what else is out there.

The Yankees may get their chance to pursue Ichiro anyway. He’s 39-years-old after all and is coming off back to back seasons where he couldn’t even put up a .700 OPS. No doubt somebody will want him, but he doesn’t come without risks.

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12 Responses to Ichiro is done waiting for the Yankees

  1. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    While it would be acceptable to have Ichiro back, I agree with the position that you don't rush into it. He's not so good that you jump all over him without considering other possible options.

  2. jersey joe says:

    Normaly I would agree with the logic of waiting guys out, however, this team is telling us they are not pursuing any long term commitments through there actions so far this offseason. So, just in case im missing something here, what they are doing is waiting to see if a "better" one or two year ,servicable out fielder ,left handed hitting,great clubhouse presence, future hall of famer is going to become available cheaper. Huh….sorry just not getting it….hope something good happens at the winter meetings.

    • Woah. We don't need a future Hall of Famer at every position. Scale back your expectations there a bit sir.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        That's a good thing, because they sure don't have HOFers at every position. Jeter and Mo are the sure things. Cano is only half way through, same with Sabathia. Pettitte is borderline, A-Roid won't get in until Bonds does. So where are these HOFers at every position?

      • jersey joe says:

        never said at every position just that he is one…did you read what i wrote? its not about his "status" that just happens to be part of why he is attractive as a signing and under the parameters the team has set makes it even harder to imagine an ample replacement of equal value.

  3. Hitman23 says:

    I totally agree joe, they need to sign him immediately.

  4. YankeezFan says:

    This seems to be typical posturing by the Agent…. remember the agent said ir… NOT ichiro. I suspect that they are looking for more money on the 1 year deal, if the Yankees were to sign Ichiro. The Yankees might pull something off during the winter meetings, but i kinda doubt it. However, if i was the Yankees i wouldnt wait too long to sign Ichiro.

  5. Mike says:

    Ichiro doesn't hit homeruns. In my opinion the Yanks simply don't want to win that way. That's why they're dragging their feet on this one, hoping he will sign somewhere else so they can pursue someone who hits .250 with 15-20 HRS. Big mistake, I think.

  6. ghriellacpa says:

    the Steinbrenners have sold the yes network to rupert murdoch are insisting on a 189,000,000 payroll for next
    season, no long term deals? Me thinks they are preparing to sell this ball club.

  7. Luigi Ragusa says:

    You need table setters, speed and hitting with RISP. Like Cashman says, they are not the Bronx Bunters. So why pick up a player that gives 100% and does what is necessary to help team win and is looking for a short term contract? I hope he doesn't wait and why should he. Yanks are not spending money this winter and they can't give up the farm since that is the future of 2014. Good luck Ichiro, thanks for a great half season.

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