Joba Chamberlain called Kevin Youkilis to clear the air


The Yankees and Red Sox rivalry has died off a bit in recent years since the Red Sox have not been competitive, but it has still been tense at times thanks mostly to Joba Chamberlain whose repeated attempts to hit Kevin Youkilis have kept both sides on their toes.

Now that Youkilis is a Yankee, pending a physical, Joba has done the right thing and tried to reach out to him. It hasn’t worked so far, Joba got Youk’s voicemail according to George King of the NY Post, but it is good to see Joba be proactive rather than let things fester in the clubhouse.

For the record, Joba has only ever actually hit Youkilis once, for which he was ejected, but he has thrown up at his head a few times. In 2008 Youk nearly charged the mound after Joba threw over his head and knocked him to the ground. He was also suspended for that.

I’ve brought this up a few times already, but tension between Yankees and former Red Sox has come up before, most notably when Roger Clemens, who had a history of targeting Derek Jeter, was traded here before the 1999 season. That year when the season opened, the story goes, Jeter and Scott Brosius greeted The Rocket at the clubhouse door wearing full catcher’s gear as a joke. It must have gone over well because Jeter and Clemens eventually ended up becoming close teammates.

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