Rumor: No chance the Yankee sign Michael Bourn


We heard over the weekend that the Yankees might be interested in Michael Bourn if his price tag fell into their range, but Wallace Matthews of reported yesterday that a “source with knowledge” said there was “no chance” the Yankees pursue Bourn at all.

This makes sense. When I wrote about the original rumor I said that some people are having a hard time accepting that the Yankees are sticking to a budget and keep expecting them to go after free agents the way they used to. That’s how we got a lot of “waiting in the weeds” comments about Josh Hamilton. There was never any chance of the Yankees to sign Hamilton, but the rumors popped up because other executives would tell reporters that they thought, based out of habit, that they would eventually get into the mix.

Hard to blame them. Old habits die hard as the cliche goes and it wasn’t that long ago, 2009 with Mark Teixeira, where the Yankees gave us the old we’re-out-of-money line only to pop up at the last minute to steal Teixeira away from the Red Sox and Nationals (who both offered him more money).

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