Rumor: Scott Hairston holding out for multi-year deal

There are currently at least five teams, including the Yankees, that have a “real interest” in signing free agent outfielder Scott Hairston, but he is holding out for a multi-year offer, according to Adam Rubin of

If he gets a multi-year offer that likely means he’s not coming to the Yankees as they have been very resistant to giving them out with their 2014 budget goals coming up. GM Brian Cashman has said that he would be willing to offer a multi-year deal for the right players, but Hairston doesn’t stand out as the type of player whom he would make an exception for.

Hairston doesn’t hit for a high average or have much patience at the plate, but he does make up for it with a decent amount of power. He’s even better against left handed pitching too, he hit .286/.317/.550 against southpaws last year, which would make him a strong platoon candidate for the Yankees.

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One Response to Rumor: Scott Hairston holding out for multi-year deal

  1. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    I don't want more low AVG high SLG guys in the team. We have more than enough HRs we need more speed, defense and contact