Rumor: There’s no way Stephen Drew signs with the Yankees

One of the names that has been out there as a possible candidate for the Yankees utility infielder is Stephen Drew, but it sounds like we can cross that name off the list. The problem is that Drew sees himself as a starting shortstop and there is no way that he would accept a role as a utility infielder or third baseman with the Yankees, according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

A move to sign Drew has seemed unlikely the entire time. He never quite fulfilled his potential as a prospect, but with a solid career line of .265/.328/.433 he’ll be able to find a job as a starting shortstop somewhere and he’s going to take that over a backup roll with the Yankees. He’s also never played any other position other than shortstop so not only would he have to accept less playing time with them, but he would have to learn at least one, probably two, new positions as well.

The Yankees, meanwhile, will continue their search for infielders. They need at least one and probably two with no backups for any of their infielders except for Jayson Nix, and there is always the chance that he might not clear waivers. Of course there is Eduardo Nunez, but he seems as good as traded since Brian Cashman insists that he’s a shortstop only and they have Derek Jeter and all.

Right now it seems like Jeff Keppinger is the most popular option. He broke his foot, but is expected to be ready to start the season on time and can play pretty much every position. They could also bring Eric Chavez back as a third baseman and backup first baseman. So far the Yankees haven’t had any conversations with him though.

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