Rumor: Yankees believed to be quietly interested in Michael Bourn


This one is a bit of a stretch, but according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, there is a belief that the Yankees could be interested in outfielder Michael Bourn and will make a move if his price tag comes down.

It’s a bit of a stretch for two reasons: the first is that the Yankees would be interested in anybody if their price drops low enough. The second is that some people just cannot believe that they are unwilling to spend this offseason and have been attaching the Yankees to some of the top free agents just out of habit. It happened with Josh Hamilton this offseason and it appears to be happening now.

There may be executives that really believe that the Yankees are interested, but it’s more likely that there are executives that are just used to them being interested.

Either way, I like Bourn and have brought him up before. After all, the Yankees already have $15 million invested in Curtis Granderson next season. They they could sign Bourn, who is practically better in every way compared to Granderson except that he is severely lacking in the power department, and trade Grandy and break even salary-wise. It would be a way for them to upgrade without spending more, as long as they could get Bourn for less than $15 million average annually that is.

It just doesn’t seem like a realistic possibility at this time. Things could change though. The market for Bourn has already shrunk a bit. The Nationals and Phillies were both interested at some point, but the Nats landed Denard Span and the Phillies nabbed Ben Revere. The Rangers are still out there and looking for an outfielder, but it is possible that Bourn’s demands do drop significantly to the point the Yankees become interested.

It’s a long shot and Cafardo’s rumor doesn’t really hold up, but it’s possible. Bourn’s price tag will have to drop significantly though and the Yankees would probably have to find somebody to take Granderson off their hands too for it to become a reality.

Bourn hit .274/.348/.391 last season. He’s basically the NL version of Brett Gardner as he provides exceptional defense and steals about 50 bases a year. An outfield with those two and Ichiro Suzuki would be an exceptionally weak hitting lineup power wise, but would be amazing defensively and would allow the Yankees to play small ball unlike they’ve done in years.

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9 Responses to Rumor: Yankees believed to be quietly interested in Michael Bourn

  1. Ice says:

    Since when do Yankees care about paying luxury taxes if u go over 189 million say to 200 million you would be paying about 4 million taxes that's peanuts for billion dollar Yankees empire

  2. guest says:

    It would be 50% of any dollar over 189. So, over 11 million will be a tax of 5.5 million. They will also lose out about 4-5 million in RS rebates , therefore it turns into 10 million lost.

  3. Ice says:

    So what's that for Yankees with their network and new stadium that money can be generated really easy again new owners are being stingy and lack true passion for winning Yankees as of today are third best team in just al east so that money they are trying to save will cost them future championships

  4. kay says:

    I would certainly be skeptical of anything said about the Yankees by someone from the Boston Globe. 🙂

  5. Ice says:

    Yankees are not signing anyone else especially to multi year contract Michael bourn is not signing one year deal and no one will pay Yankees the amount they want for granderson who has 15 million salary and becomes free agent next year

  6. Mike says:

    Bourn would be a great signing but I too doubt he would agree to 1 year. The glove and speed sure is enticing though, and he isn't over-the-hill. Well I guess that means the Yanks aren't interested.

  7. Nice Title. Great Read. added to my feed. yankee fan

  8. Hope this will be true.

  9. Nice info!!! Excellent Read…

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