Rumor: Yankees interested in Cody Ross

The Yankees are interested in free agent outfielder Cody Ross and have even requested his medical information, according to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports and Rob Bradford of WEEI.

There was actually a rumor going back to Sept. that the Yankees would be interested in Ross this offseason, but until now there was nothing connecting the two parties. It does make sense for the Yankees though because they’ve been interested in him going back to his days with the Marlins and he would be a low cost replacement for Nick Swisher in right field.

The only problem is that while he is low cost, you get what you pay for and Ross has a pedestrian .260/.324/.434 line over the past three years which indicates that he doesn’t do anything well even if he does nothing terribly. He’s middle of the road, but when you are looking to slash payroll like the Yankees have been doing it makes sense. He at least is coming off a career year where he hit .267/.326/.481, but at 31-years-old it’s hard to expect that he’s getting better.

The one thing you do get with Ross is a bonafide lefty masher. In 150 plate appearances against southpaws last season, he hit .295/.373/.636. If they paired him up with Nate Schirholtz they could have a strong platoon.

The problem with the Yankees signing Ross is the problem the Yankees have had with signing everyone — they don’t want to offer multi-year deals. Ross is said to be looking for at least a three-year contract, but the Yankees, because they are trying to get their payroll to $189 million by 2014, are unwilling to offer anybody a multi-year deal. Perhaps they’ll break that trend to get Ross, but it doesn’t seem likely.

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