Rumor: Yankees interested in Marco Scutaro

Update: According to Buster Olney, Scutaro’s bidding has gotten to the three-year, $24 million range. This pretty much eliminates the Yankees from the running.

Original post: The free agent market for infielder Marco Scutaro is picking up steam and the Yankees are interested along with the Cardinals and Giants, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

The only issue really is that Scutaro will probably require at least a two-year deal and the Yankees aren’t giving out any of those. The Yankees supposedly see him as more of shortstop/second baseman, however he does have over 100 games experience as a major league third baseman.

Scutero, 37, is coming off a season where he hit .306/.348/.405 which are numbers pretty close to his career averages so he isn’t in a big decline phase despite his age. He may actually be getting better even as his only two seasons with an OPS+ better than 100 have come in the last four years.

Scutaro is a great lesson in sample sizes though. He comes with a reputation of being a strong postseason player, however out of five series he’s played in he only hit well in two of them and overall his postseason numbers, .286/.323/.374 are more or less in line with his career averages and actually a bit worse.

Scutaro hits slightly better against right handed pitching, but his platoon splits are nothing serious.

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