Rumor: Yankees listening to offers on Granderson, Hughes, and Nova 7

Andrew Marchand of passed along a rumor this morning that the Yankees were listening to offers for Curtis Granderson, Phil Hughes, and Ivan Nova.

This really isn’t news as the rumor that they were open to trading Granderson and Hughes was making the rounds just two days ago, but it is the first time that we’re hearing Ivan Nova’s name.

Even that shouldn’t be a surprise though. Nova is still young and cheap so teams will want him and the Yankees are set with their pitching staff while they still have four gaping holes in their lineup. They could potentially flip Nova to fill one of those holes and then turn around and sign a aging or injured veteran for rotation depth.

Same deal applies for Hughes and Granderson as I wrote the other day – the Yankees will listen to offers, but both are expected to play big roles on the 2013 team so they will have to be replaced. It seems unlikely that either will be traded, but with four holes in the lineup and no money to spend Brian Cashman will have to get creative so it doesn’t hurt to at least entertain offers.

While we’re at it, I would like to throw David Phelps and Adam Warren‘s names into the pile of guys the Yankees would likely entertain offers for although I should point out that is pure speculation on my part. Warren really has no place on this team though and Phelps is kind of in the same boat as Nova is in and Hector Noesi, who was traded to Seattle, was in a year ago.

Eduardo Nunez is probably another with a good chance to get traded as Cashman has been insistent that he is only a shortstop and will not consider him for a move to third base. Considering the Yankees have Derek Jeter this kind of makes Nunez expendable.

Really though, Cashman is probably willing to listen to offers for anybody on this team, Robinson Cano included. The chances of such deals for veterans are extremely slim though, but I doubt anybody is untouchable right now. Marchand probably only named these three because they are the biggest names likely to get traded.

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