Rumor: Yankees made no offers to A.J. Pierzynski 15


The Yankees are looking for a catcher and are only looking to give out one-year deals, but they still didn’t have enough interest in A.J. Pierzynski to even make him an offer before he signed with the Texas Rangers, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Heyman added that the Yankees current plan is to go with some form of Francisco Cervelli, Chris Stewart, and Austin Romine as their catchers next season.

The Yankees did have some interest in Pierzynski, but they were apparently scarred off by his defense. While Stewart and Romine are no doubt better fielders than Pierzynski, Stewart is a significantly worse hitter and Romine, as a rookie, probably cannot contribute the intangible qualities that Pierzynski can like handling the New York media, calling a game, and dealing with a veteran pitching staff.

Then there is Cervelli who is a worse defender and offensive player than Pierzynski so I’m not sure why he would be an option over him. The one saving grace that Cervelli does bring inĀ comparisonĀ is that he’s got a more patient bat. Pierzynski does trump him in hitting for both average and power though so that’s a weak explanation at best.

It seems that at least on a one-year deal Pierzynski was a good fit for the Yankees. They obviously feel otherwise. Hopefully it does not come back to bite them in the ass.

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15 thoughts on “Rumor: Yankees made no offers to A.J. Pierzynski

  • Tanned Tom

    Hate Pierzynski so I'm not unhappy he's not a Yankee, but what is of concern is the general lack of direction. Cervelli, Stewart and Romine? Really? Hardly seems like the workings of a competent organization.
    Not moving Jeter to 3B and signing Youkilis? A real lack of vision.
    Not re-signing Swisher at age 31 because he wants 4 years, but signing Suzuki for 2 years at age 39? Am I the only one who is puzzled by this?
    This team needed to get younger, cheaper, and more athletic. Cheaper yes, but not younger, not more athletic, and not better – maybe not even as good.
    If this is about 2014 (the Yankee version of the Mayan end of times) then why not trade Granderson now, since it really doesn't make sense to keep him? Odd goings on indeed.

  • Paul B.

    The way the Yanks have handled the last 2 off seasons is very different to how they handled things in the past.
    The lack of aggresiveness to sign top tear free agents. The idea of beign quiet and not makeing alot of noise at
    the winter meetings. I would never consider it a good idea to see how the market plays out. Beacuse by the time u make any moves it's too late. If the Yankees fail to make the playoffs in 13'. Then it might be time to replace Brian Cashman with a more aggresive and less paitent GM. Which in today world of Baseball, would be a good thing to have.

  • Tanned Tom

    I'm no fan of Cashman (Nick Johnson anyone?), but I'd prefer to switch owners before GMs. Always remember the reason they are so over the luxury cap is A-Rod's contract. A sensible contract would have been 5 years for $125 mil. , and would have expired this off season. Hank forever wears the dunce cap for that one. One stupid move will hamstrings the club for years. I wonder how it feels to be regarded as the biggest fool in baseball.

  • Joe Monte

    Hard to reply to the idiocies that have been written, but sitting here and not saying anything is worse. Read and learn, Yankees have a plan, not your plan but a plan. Get under the salary cap (luxury tax) that would cost them enormous financial loss and surly keep them from future signings. Once they reach the $189 mil cap, it frees up the ability to sign more high end players. In addition, not only will some of the long term signings, Alex, Jeter, etc salaries drop, players that are on one and two year contracts will expire. Look ahead, there are a lot of good players that will be coming available, Verlander, Kershaw, Hernandez, Price, McChutchen, J Upton, C Santana, list goes on. Move past the short term and see a future. I know, your attention span is less them 15 minutes, so lets recap. Save now spend later. Yankees still need to put a product on the field, so they pieced together a team, don't panic, one year loss is many years gained. Last I checked all the stupid decisions management/owners made and we still won 95 games. Look it can always be worse, we can hire Bobby Valentine and sign Mike Napoli. Go Yanks!

  • Margaret

    I hope they have some good young players in there farm system stop going for the names and if George was around today he would of had a fit with the way the team is going

  • ldubinsky

    A.J. Pierzynski probably wasn't worth an offer and might not even be available to play more than 112 games.

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