Rumor: Yankees not involved with Josh Hamilton

Late last week we’d heard that the Yankees, sans Brian Cashman, were doing background checks on free agent slugger Josh Hamilton.┬áThe Yankees are not involved in talks with Hamilton though and will not reconsider unless his asking price drops, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

There was a chance that a path could have opened where Hamilton could have fallen to the Yankees at a cheap price, but it was unlikely to start and is even more unlikely since the Dodgers signed Zack Greinke. With the Rangers other biggest target off the board they will get back into talks with Hamilton which at least ensures nobody is getting a bargain signing him.

It was nice to dream for a little while, but the Yankees, who are currently sitting at around a $158 million payroll not including the 40-man roster or A.J. Burnett. It doesn’t look like they’ll be adding anything significant past a one-year deal.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Yankees not involved with Josh Hamilton

  1. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I remember when they weren't in on Mark Teixeira. I'm still holding out hope that this gets done.

  2. jmurphy says:

    Hamilton in Yankee Stadium would be huge draw for the Yanks. I think people will come just to see his batting practice – making Yanks even more money. Give Grandy his papers (to get back some money), let the outfield be Ichiro, Hamilton and Gardner, and put them at the top of the batting order, and I'd feel really good about upcoming year. Also, please sign Ibanez – class act. . Lineup would be Ichiro, Jeter, Cano, Hamilton, Ibanex, Tex, Youk (yes – Youk), Catcher (anyone), Gardner. With the pitching we have, we'd be able to use a solid defnder behind plate, and probably win a lot of games. Think we'd be better off in postseason as well.

  3. Bronx-born in NM says:

    I wouldn't rule the Yanks out on Hamilton, although I hope he goes elsewhere. Overall I like their current thinking, and hope they stick to their guns. However, even if they weren't working under the self-imposed restraints cap-wise, I believe Hamilton is a big mistake at anything longer than 2-3 years, and even that's risky as his annual salary would be huge against reasonable expectations. Besides the fact that staying on the field for a full season has been so problematic, and the significant recurring off-the-field issues, a look at his stats – along with his age – suggests that he's past his peak. If he can stay on the field, I believe he may still produce well above average results for a year or two, but decline will set in soon enough and he'll be another contractual albatross to go along with A-Rod, Tex, and maybe even Cano, if they give him longer than 5 yrs a year from now.

    • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

      I think the underlying assumption for virtually all of us who are in support of a deal is that it is capped at 5 years or less. I would not be in favor above that. But getting him at 5 or less would be great because Cano seems intent on testing the market and talking about a $180-200M minimum contract. Posturing or not, I'd much rather have Hamilton at 25/125 and trade Cano or let him walk.

  4. Bronx-born in NM says:

    Regarding Youk – loved him as a player in his prime even as I hated him as a Yankee fan. If the Yanks have actually offered him 12mm for one year, however, I think it's far too much, as Youk's no longer the player he was, and I see little chance of him getting even close again. He's had recurring injury (back) problems that have diminished him – and it brings (painfully) to mind another hard-nosed first baseman who was done in by similar issues: Donnie Baseball. Youk may or may not be the best option for 3rd still available, but I can't see it at the reported offer he's considering.

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