Rumor: Yankees still talking to Ichiro

The Yankees are still waiting on an answer from Kevin Youkilis after making him a $12 million offer, but they have been talking with Ichiro Suzuki today as well, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Ichiro has expressed a strong desire to stay with the Yankees, and at one point even said he’d wait for them as they took care of other players first. He didn’t wait for more than a week before he lost patience and started talking with other clubs. Meanwhile, the Yankees have been interested, but wanted to take care of their pitching staff first, then had conversations with Russell Martin, and more recently have been trying desperately to find a replacement for Alex Rodriguez.

The fact that they have started up talks with Ichiro again is not surprising though. They are highly motivated to stay away from multi-year deals and if they can’t even offer players two-year contracts they will be severely limited as to whom they can sign. They did have interest in Nate Schierholtz, but he agreed to a deal with the Cubs instead. So now Ichiro is probably their next best option.

It’s possible the Yankees could still sign outfielder Cody Ross even if they land Ichiro. Ross is a lefty masher, who hit .295/.373/.636 against southpaws last year, and Ichiro has always done better against righties. That platoon opportunity seems unlikely though if the Yankees don’t offer Ross a multi-year contract as a number of other teams are interested in him.

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13 Responses to Rumor: Yankees still talking to Ichiro

  1. Kevin Schappert says:

    Ichiro great deal for one year

  2. Yankeefan says:

    I also agree just sign him and then worry about the player at third

  3. Matthew says:

    No cash, current lineup laden with aging under-performing over-paid veterans, thin to none farm system, role players choosing to play elsewhere; something is rotten in the Bronx.

  4. clay says:

    I think we can still field a pretty decent team in 2013. Move Tex to 3rd base; easier to find a 1 yr player for 1st base; get a platoon for right field (Ichiro and a lefty masher). 2014 is another story.

    Batting Order:
    Jeter / Nunez- SS
    Ichiro / Ross – Rt field
    Tex – 3rd base
    Cano – 2nd base
    Youkilis or Reynolds (1st base)
    Granderson – LF
    ???? – DH (2nd half of the year, Arod will be back) — ask Posada to come back as a DH
    Cevelli/Stewart/Romine – Catcher
    Gardner – Center field


    others: Pineda, Warren, Cabral, Montgomery

  5. Hitman says:

    Clay, are you retarded. Tex cannot play third and asking posada to come back for a year. You are a real genius, you cannot be that dumb. You should no longer watch baseball, switch to tennis.

    • Keena says:

      Agreed. I'm sure this isn't the last we'll here about asking Posada to come back though. I predicted it in an earlier thread. The more over the hill guys the better it seems. I'm so disgusted with things right now that I don't care if we get a third baseman or not. Zero chance this team contends for the playoffs in 2013. Unless of course they allow about 6 wild cards in. Thanks a lot Hal, it's no wonder George never disowned you.

      • This team will definitely compete for a playoff spot. Doubt they win the division right now, but the offseason is far from over. By the time spring training comes around they'll be right there with everybody else in the division. No less than 85 wins this year.

    • Watch it with the name calling.

  6. Keena says:

    Besides Hal, who did I call a name?

  7. Mike says:

    Sign Ichiro and make do at 3rd with Nix and Nunez. Cashman doesn't see Nunez as a 3rd baseman. but what does he know, he thinks he's a ss.

  8. @bejaha says:

    I love to watch Ichiro play ball. He is a clutch player who will earn his money.

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