Rumor: Yankees want to bring Eric Chavez back

The Yankees have finally reached out to free agent third baseman Eric Chavez to let him know that they are interested in bringing him back another year, according to Ken Davidoff of the NY Post.

It’s about time. Chavez had a very good year for the Yankees last year and was huge in filling in for Alex Rodriguez last August, but based on previous reports it sounded as if they weren’t really interested in bringing him back. Just a few days ago Chavez was talking with other teams while Brian Cashman didn’t even know if he wanted to retire or not. The news that Alex Rodriguez could miss up to three months of the season seems to have changed things though as they have increased their aggressiveness in signing Jeff Keppinger and have now reached out to Chavez.

Chavez is obviously a huge injury concern. He made it through all of last season, but he was hurt for a large chunk of the previous season and would be an everyday player still if he wasn’t made of glass. However, he thrived in a part time role last year with Joe Girardi not using him in as many as four consecutive games and he hit .281/.348/.496.

The Yankees may want to try to be a bit more conservative with Chavez though as he kind of fell apart late in the season and hit just .169/.267/.338 in his final 27 games including the playoffs.

Because of Chavez’s big platoon splits, he can’t hit lefties at all, he would actually be a great player to pair with Keppinger if the Yankees do manage to land him.┬áChavez had a .298/.365/.543 line against righties while Kepp hit .376/.402/.521 against lefties.

The Yankees could also use Chavez because without Nick Swisher in the mix the Yankees have no backup first baseman for Mark Teixeira.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Yankees want to bring Eric Chavez back

  1. kay says:

    Chavez is gone. Scott Rolen is available. His credentials are certainly more than adequate for consideration for the Yankees 3rd base spot.

    • It's crazy to think he's even become an option. He's 37 and looks finished. Hasn't played in more than 92 games in a year in the last two years and he's basically Jayson Nix at the plate.

      • kay says:

        Isn't that what they thought about Chavez and Ibanez before 2012? Rolens should be good for a year. Then they will either get A-Rod back or (preferably) A-Rod's money back from the insurance policy on him.

        • Even if they get A-Rod's money back from insurance it still counts against the luxury tax which means they won't be spending it. That's money in their pockets that doesn't help the team at all.

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