Troy Glaus and Cody Ransom offered their services to the Yankees


Before the Yankees signed Kevin Youkilis to replace Alex Rodriguez as their third baseman they scoured the market looking for other potential fits at the hot corner. The problem was most of those options sucked.

For instance, two players who called the Yankees to offer their services were Troy Glaus and Cody Ransom, according to Sweeny Murti of WFAN.

Glaus, still just 36, has been out of baseball since after the 2010 season. He retired then because of injuries, but apparently after two seasons off he’s feeling better and wanted a shot at returning. Glaus hit .254/.358/.489 in his career and might not have been a terrible choice considering he still managed to put up a respectable .255/.357/.442 line over his final three injury riddled seasons which was right in line with his career numbers.

Ransom, who replaced A-Rod when he had hip surgery in 2009, actually played baseball last year. He hit a pathetic .196/.293/.345 though so the Yankees probably would have been better off going with minor leaguer David Adams before considering Ransom again.

It’s pretty funny to hear names like those out there and makes you appreciate why they were aggressive with their $12 million offer to Youkilis knowing those two were among the alternatives. Thing is, if they whiffed on Youk I could see them offering Glaus an invite to spring training on a minor league deal. Good thing we don’t actually have to live through that though.

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2 Responses to Troy Glaus and Cody Ransom offered their services to the Yankees

  1. YankeeFanJazzHarlem says:

    I would actually like to see Troy Glaus I n are Yankee uniform on a minor league contract could turn out to be a bargain

  2. Unfortunately, with Kevin Youkilis, it won't happen now. Might not have been terrible since he's actually a year younger than A-Rod, but with 2 years off it was too much of a gamble.

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