Yankees and Robinson Cano not talking extension

What might the Yankees be doing when they are watching all the free agents come off the board? Well, they are not discussing an extension with Robinson Cano.

“I think the Yankee policy is very clear, they always walk through the contracts and then address them,” Boras told Andrew Marchand of ESPNNewYork.com. “As they did with (Derek) Jeter and other players.”

The policy Boras is talking about is the one where the Yankees refuse to extend players until their contract is up. However, it’s not so much a policy as a guideline. They have been open to talking extension with Cano this offseason, but Boras and Cano has made it clear that they are going to want top dollar and will not cut the Yankees any breaks. With the strict budget constraints put in place by Hal Steinbrenner this pretty much rules out any extension possibility this offseason.

So Cano will hit free agency next offseason where perhaps the Yankees will be serious bidders. It certainly seems that they are trying to put themselves in a position where they can keep him, but with the the uncertainty surrounding the budget we won’t really find out until next offseason.

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13 Responses to Yankees and Robinson Cano not talking extension

  1. Mark Panuthos says:

    I like the guy. I hope we can keep him. On the other hand, he's an aging 2nd baseman who sent his stunt double in for the ALCS. Amazing to me that after that (lack of) performance, he still thinks he should get "top dollar".

    • Curtis says:

      I believe he should still get top dollar. What has he done aside from that stinker to prove he doesn't deserve it?*

      *- This should be read knowing I'll die the day he isn't a Yankee.

      • al waters says:

        he doesn't deserve the money because he doesn't ever run out groundballs and he always has a stupid smile on his face as he is doing this. It's not fair that I have to pay all this money to go to a game and this guy is making millions to not run hard for his teamates and the fans who pay his salary. I'm a life long yankee fan and I think they are better off trading him and restocking the minor league system. Long term contracts are ruining the game and they very rarely workout. The players are usually unproductive in the the final years of a long term deal do to age. Also players like cano who don't play hard seem have nothing to play for after getting big money.

    • A sample size of 18 plate appearances does not trump a sample size of 5110.

      • Mark Panuthos says:

        agreed, but if you are of the mind that mindsets change from regular season into the playoffs, this speaks volumes. Plus, I'd hate to see the Yanks get saddled with another Teixeira-like contract for an aging second baseman.

        • There are reasons not to sign Cano, but how he did in the 2012 playoffs does not really enter into the equation. I mean, even overall his numbers in the playoffs are not great, but he's certainly had some success in 2010, 2011, and 2007. If it's his mindset then I don't think he'd be capable of that. Brian Cashman certainly won't hold that against him as he's on the same page – small sample sizes, anything can happen.

          • jersey joe says:

            Agreed….people have grandious memories of past players that cloud their judgement. Louis Soho had pretty good post season numbers but he couldn't fill one of robbies shoes…..however perception is reality.

  2. jersey joe says:

    the yankees are telling us they are a different organization through their moves thus far and unwillingness to even offer contracts to free agents. that being said negotiating now would save money….if cano hits the open market i fear the yankees will not be willing to compete with his market value.the dodgers and cubs will probably be at the head of the table on him and lord only knows the size of the well fargo truck they will back into his driveway…..goodbye robinson.

  3. Mike says:

    Great another aging infielder in his mid / late 30's when his next contract is done . Trade him for Justin upton and enjoy a younger 5 tool player under control

  4. Randy Calhoun says:

    Wake up Hal and Hank, your father is rolling over in his grave rightnow, and don't tell methe Yankee's don't
    have any money for Free Agents this year, I think it is ashame that you are the laughing stock at the Winter meeting being recognized at "Coupon Clippers" I have been a Yankee fan for more than 50 years and if
    the brothers don't make the trades or moves they need to make and fill the holes that we have. I will not watch, attend or even think about the Yankee's from now own. Hey you better lock up Cano before you piss him off
    and he goes to another team next year. ( WAKE UP HAL AND HANK ) make your daddy proud and take us back
    to the World Series agian in 2013. RandyC

    • Hank Steinbrenner hasn't been involved in the team at almost any level (he attended his father's ceremonies after he died) since 2008. So just to be clear, he has nothing to do with the Yankees.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        Or more to the point, ever since he and Randy Levine signed the A-Roid deal. Why Levine has not been fired for this is one of the great mysteries.

  5. vincent says:

    No doubt about this one He must be traded now With boras as his agent we will be looking at another arod contract Any player this guys involved with we should run not walk away from

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