Yankees don’t sound interested in other free agent catchers

Perhaps it will change if the Yankees don’t find any trade prospects during the Winter Meetings, but as of now they haven’t shown much interest in free agent catchers A.J. Pierzynski or Mike Napoli, according to George King of the NY Post.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman is likely crying Bubba Crosby, but right now it sounds like he’d prefer to stay in house than go after one of the other free agent catchers.

“At the very least, that’s our fallback,” Cashman told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “But we are going to have to pursue a lot of areas on this club: The bench, right field, potentially catching, maybe not. It’s possible that our catchers are right here on this roster right now. That is very possible, and more likely than not, to be honest. But we’ll see. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait.”

The other catchers include Francisco Cervelli, Chris Stewart, and Austin Romine.

Romine is the sexiest name on this list, but has been severely limited for almost a year and a half because of persistent back problems. Cashman has said that he wants Romine to play a full season in Triple-A before trusting him with the starting job.

That leaves Cervelli, who can’t play defense, and Stewart, who can’t hit but can play defense, as the options. A guy who tends to make sloppy plays, has a decent .271 career average, solid but unspectacular .339 OBP, and a non-existent .353 slugging percentage. Or a guy who can throw runners out, isn’t prone to lapses of judgement, but has a .583 career OPS. It’s sorta pick your poison time.

But the Winter Meetings start on Monday. Hopefully Cashman can figure out a way to get the Yankees a better option behind the plate and maybe a replacement for Nick Swisher while he’s at it.

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4 Responses to Yankees don’t sound interested in other free agent catchers

  1. erdoc says:

    Get Napoi !!!

  2. ollie says:

    You can hide a corner outfielder or maybe even a corner infielder but there is no way to hide a catcher!

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    I'm guessing it'll be Stewart and Whiteside this year. They got through 2012 with no offensive production out of this position. If Romine develops then he gets called up after the AS break. Please no Naopli or Pierzynski, they aren't catchers.

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