Yankees stick it to fans who want cheap tickets

When the Yankees moved from the old stadium to the new one before the 2009 season tickets prices quadrupled and a lot of fans were priced out. Then a lot of people caught on quickly to the secondary market.

By going to StubHub, Yankees fans could get cheap tickets, particularly to midweek games against non-playoff opponents, and enjoy games for as little as $5-$10 for each ticket.

The Yankees hated it. They didn’t hate collecting their cut for each ticket, but at such lower prices their cut was reduced. With lower priced tickets on the market they also struggled to sell whatever they had left over at regular prices because who in their right mind would pay full price for a ticket when there are┬ásignificantly┬áreduced tickets available on StubHub.

So now that MLB has renewed its agreement with StubHub, the Yankees, along with the Cubs and Angels, have opt-ed out of the deal and instead will work with TicketMaster as their official re-seller under the guise that this is more fan friendly — what a joke.

Now tickets resold through the Yankees official re-seller cannot be sold under face value. Goodbye $5 tickets for Tuesday night games against the Indians. Get ready to pay $30 per ticket instead. Sure, there might be lower fees, but at exorbitantly marked up prices the Yankees are once again pricing out the average fan.

So the Yankees will get a bigger cut from the resale, with tickets priced at face value they’ll still be able to sell their unsold tickets up to the last minute, and we pay five or six times what we were paying a year ago for certain games — this is supposed to be more fan friendly!

The Yankees said that nobody was going to games because of their previous agreement with StubHub. They blamed StubHub for their lack of sellouts during the playoffs. I wonder what their excuse will be this season when their stadium has even fewer people attending games than last season because raising ticket prices is not the way to go about filling the ball park.

This doesn’t preclude some fans from using StubHub, but there will be significantly fewer as the Yankees won’t be pushing brokers to their service like they used to. With fewer tickets means that the ones that actually do make it to StubHub will be more expensive anyway.

StubHub even made some concessions to MLB to try to help teams like the Yankees out that saw tickets selling for far below market value. They increased the minimum value to $6 and increasing the blackout times before games from two hours to six hours leaving fans scrambling for last minute tickets to buy them directly from the Yankees. But that wasn’t good enough for them and they opted out of the deal anyway.

This is just what the Yankees have become these days. Winning? Who cares about winning when record profits can be made? This is a pure and simple cash grab by Hal Steinbrenner under the guise of a more fan friendly system. It’s not.

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.
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7 Responses to Yankees stick it to fans who want cheap tickets

  1. HITTER23 says:

    Add the fact they will be putting on the field a far less competitive team, wait till you see the stands.

  2. Rich M says:

    The Yankees better get ready for an awakening. Their tickets are priced too high and I predict poorer season ticket sales. I dropped my seats last year. Fans are tired of getting knocked out early in the playoffs coupled with the cost of going to a game. Hal has a budget, well fans pay a price for a Champion so we do not want to hear it. Can't have it both ways Hal/ Randy. I've been a Yankee fan for over fifty years so I follow every move. Stub Hub put people in the seats so how many more hot dogs do they sell? We're not idiots and a lot of people will not pay face price for bad teams, off nights, cold weather etc. Get real!!!!

  3. euie48 says:

    no doubt about it… the return of Yankees mediocrity coming soon to a stadium/station near you

  4. John says:

    looks like i will be attending METS games … fucking sad .. pisses me off so much … they wonder why the stadium doesnt get loud like it use to before … its plain and simple now a days all the people that go to the games are the rich executives who are not interested about the game. They have priced out the real die hard yankee fan and unfortunately im one of them.

  5. Keena Kaur says:

    I don't live in NY, but rather in California. But I agree with you guys, if I were there, I wouldn't be going to the games either starting this season. Way too much money in a rotten economy and like HITTER23 said, with the shit hole, old as dirt team they're going to trot out there, the stands will be very empty. Send a message and don't go to games until they start caring more about winning than meeting budgets.

  6. Riccardo says:

    Looks like it's Camden Yards to see the Yanks. And soon, it may be time to consider another team's home games, like the Nats. It's a business to the Steinbrenner boys. And we're the idiots who only love the team.

  7. Mike says:

    The fans get stuck. What else is new? Things will change when people quit going to the ballpark.

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