Alex Rodriguez set to have hip surgery today

Alex Rodriguez

Today is finally the day that Alex Rodriguez will have his hip surgery.

A-Rod is expected to have surgery later today to repair a torn labrum, bone impingement, and cyst on the right side of his hip. It is a more invasive surgery than the one performed on his left hip in 2009 and will require a longer period of time for recovery. It’s been expected that he will be recovered by late June or early July, but the doctor won’t know for sure until the surgery is finished.

“I hope it goes well,” general manager Brian Cashman told Dan Martin of the NY Post. “It’s the next step in the process. We can only go by what the doctors tell us and what the facts say.”

The hip has been bothering A-Rod going all the way back to late August, but he never had surgery as he tried to play through the injury knowing that treating it would end his season. He didn’t have surgery immediately following the season because when he went in to have it checked, he complained of pain in the left side so MRI’s came back negative. It wasn’t until his annual full body exam later in the offseason where doctors realized the extent of the damage.

There is a lot on the line for the Yankees with this surgery. He very well could miss the entire 2013 season  and if he doesn’t come back, and come back strong, the lineup will be seriously lacking compared to 2012. He also has another five years and $118 million left on his contract and unless he retires that money is going to count against the luxury tax which considering the Yankees goal of getting below the $189 million threshold will severely hurt their ability to put out a playoff caliber product.

“We’re praying he has a good surgery, not just for himself but for us,” Cashman said. “But at this point, we just have to see what happens.”

A-Rod hit .272/.353/.430 in 122 games last season. In 28 games from Sept. 11 on, including the playoffs, he hit just .218/.302/.255 and he struck out 38 times with just 13 walks.

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2 Responses to Alex Rodriguez set to have hip surgery today

  1. brian says:

    Bottom line is Yankees fans (and I'm including myself) have to get over the resentment of the contract and the 60 minutes debacle and everything else and just pray that the guy can play 125 games a year rather well beginning in 2014…

    It's already ugly on multiple levels, but his contract is guaranteed so he isn't going anywhere… obviously a Jeter run towards 4,000 hits would go a long way in drowning out the Arod stuff… but even if that doesn't happen it's important to still support the guy

  2. David K. says:

    Yeah it was a dumb contract as far as money and length, but would we have won it all in 2009 without him? It took awhile but we finally won that year with a Herculean effort from this guy in the postseason. Let's focus on what to do to get another World Series title in the next five years. On that front, there seems very little going on here.

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