Alex Rodriguez’s hip surgery set for Jan. 16


Just two days ago the doctor that will perform hip surgery on Alex Rodriguez said that he is at least 2-4 weeks away from having surgery done as they were waiting for the inflammation to go down.

However, during a conference call with reporters last night the doctor said that A-Rod’s surgery is now set for Jan 16.

Dr. Bryan Kelly told reporter that there is no way to know the extent of the damage until they operate, but he expects A-Rod will be available sometime around the All-Star break. The doctor will also work on both sides of the hip as well to help him avoid setbacks while compensating for surgery on the left side.

“The imaging study shows that he has some cartilage wear that makes me think we will be able to get him back to his pre-injury level of play, that it’s not so extensive that it will ultimately impact his ability to play,” Dr. Kelly told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “Unfortunately, our imaging doesn’t give us all the information, and that’s something we’re going to know at the time of surgery.”

The doctor also reiterated that the injury was not due to steroids, “This is a developmental, genetic predisposition to a certain shape of the hip joint that occurs during the first 15 years of development,” Dr. Kelly said. “This is not related to steroid use. Steroids don’t change the shape of your hip joint.”

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