Four Yankees file for arbitration

New York Yankees Phil Hughes

Yesterday was the final day that players had to file arbitration so 133 MLB players eligible filed including Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, David Robertson, and Boone Logan.

This does not guarantee that those players will face an arbitration hearing with the Yankees. Hearings don’t start until Feb. 4 and go through Feb. 20. Teams and players can reach an agreement anytime between now and then, but as a formality they had to file by Tuesday.

MLB Trade Rumors has a handy tool that has salary projections for each eligible player based on how much comparable players have earned.¬†MLBTR’s projects Hughes, who made $3.2 million last year, to earn the most next season, about $5.7 million. Joba ($1.675M in 2012) is projected to make $1.8 million after missing the most of the season. Logan ($1.875M) is projected to earn $2.8 million and D-Rob ($1.6M) is forcast to make $2.7 million.

This will be the last year before free agency for Hughes, Joba, and Logan. D-Rob will also be arbitration eligible next offseason.

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  1. wally says:

    Wouldn't it make sense to offer extensions to Hughes, Joba, maybe even D-Rob? Unfortunately, Prince Hal rarely does what makes simple sense these days. But he faces a 2014 roster with a dozen or more holes, including weaknesses in both the rotation and pen. With Joba slated to earn just $1.8 mill this year, why not offer him something like $8-9 mill for three years (or $6 mill for 2 yrs). This gives him a better 2013 salary, as well as some security should he not recover fully. Also gives Yanks potential late-inning stud at reasonable price. Should Joba have a good year, he'd likely be out of reach for Tight Hal. Same reasoning with Hughes, though clearly he'd be more expensive. But why not offer him a 2 year deal for $20 mill? Again, he'd be getting $4 mill more than in arbitration this year and protected should he be hurt or ineffective for 2014. He'd still have the option of free agency at the age of 28 in 2015. Again, this all makes obvious sense. But the Yankees have failed to act with simple common sense much of this winter.

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