Rumor: Scott Hairston choosing between the Yankees and Mets


The Yankees have been interested in free agent outfielder Scott Hairston throughout the entire offseason, but so far he hasn’t signed with anybody while he holds out for a multi-year deal.

It doesn’t appear that he’s getting one at this point though, but his agent Casey Close told Wallace Matthews of that he’ll be signing within “a matter of days” and his decision has come down to the Mets or the Yankees.

“I think he’s a good fit for either team,” Close told Matthews. “But there are different roles at each place and Scott is deciding which is the best option for him.”

Hairston, 33 in May, hit .263/.299/.504 in 134 games last season, but he is seen as a replacement for Andruw Jones with the Yankees as he does well against lefties. Last season he hit .286/.317/.550 against southpaws in 199 plate appearances.

It’s been expected all offseason that he was waiting for a multi-year deal, but that he would re-sign with the Mets otherwise. So he must be considering playing time, money, a chance to win, or all three if he’s seriously considering the Yankees still. Obviously the Yankees have more of a chance to win, but we have no idea about the money.

If he’s concerned about playing time all he has to do is look at Jones’ number over the past two years where he played in no fewer than 77 games and as many as 94 games last season with about 250 at bats each time. Not bad for a bench player, but he may still decide that the Mets are a better fit since he already knows the organization and they essentially have no outfield at all right now.

Best part about this rumor is that he’s expected to make a decision soon. I feel like I’ve been writing about Hairston all offseason and while he is certainly a solid bit part for the Yankees to get its been kind of¬†monotonous¬†writing about him so much. Go out and trade for a catcher already.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Scott Hairston choosing between the Yankees and Mets

  1. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    I hope we stay away from him.
    He is getting very overrated lately.
    His offensive numbers would be similar to Matt Diaz or Juan Rivera, his only advantage would be defensively but for the money I've heard he could get, I really think it's not worth it.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    So this is what it's come to, bidding against the Mets for a player that sucks, and losing? An .317 OBP against lefties bites for a right handed hitter.
    How about we move Derek to 3B, trade Granderson and Youkilis for a catcher and a young pitching prospect, let Nunez give SS a go, and stop chasing old and on decline players. Instead of hacking Hairston, why not try Mesa or Mustelier?

    • Not sure about Mustelier, but Mesa isn't even going to provide a .317 OBP and won't come anywhere near a .550 slugging.

      The reason it has come to this is that he's the best option available. They can't all have a .360 OBP.

      As for weird trade scenarios, well, this isn't a video game.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        Rob, you do realize that Hairston's OBP against left handers is under the league average. Maybe they can't all have a .360 OBP, but it isn't too much to expect them to be at .330. This is not a patient hitter.
        As for weird trade scenarios, I'm simply suggesting they unload 2 players who should not figure in plans for 2014. They have been shopping Granderson, if they can get a better return than the draft pick it might make sense to move him. It isn't a video game idea to think Granderson can be used to acquire a decent catcher. Or do you think we can pick up a good catcher for less?

        • For less? Granderson is not enough to pick up a good catcher. Which team is going to want Granderson? Which team would be willing to give up a decent catcher for him? Who are the Yankees going to get to replace Granderson's production? Those might seem like easy questions to answer on MLB: The Show, but in real life there aren't many teams looking for 1 year of Granderson at $15 million and if there are they aren't going to give up a major league caliber catcher to do so.

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