Rumor: Yankees have not been in pursuit of Justin Upton


The Diamondbacks have been talking with teams about trading for Justin Upton all offseason, but the Yankees have not been involved and don’t appear likely to do so either, according to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports.

Morosi states that it’s the Yankees goal of reaching a $189 million payroll that has kept them from getting involved in trade talks, as well as other deals, because of their reluctance to deal prospects¬†and because of the remaining three-years and $38.5 million left on his contract. Typically $12.83 million a year for a player of Upton’s caliber is a bargain, but not for the penny pinching Yankees.

Morosi also discusses the possibility that the Yankees could deal Curtis Granderson, who makes more money than Upton in 2013, to make room for him. So far though there is no evidence they are considering such a move. The Yankees seem to regard payroll flexibility in 2014 beyond everything else which is likely why they are weary of dealing for Upton who would be signed through 2015.

Upton has a limited no trade clause which last year had the Yankees listed among the teams he could block a trade to. However, they are not currently on his list of teams he can block a deal to.

Upton, 25, hit .280/.355/.430 last season which is almost perfectly in line with his career averages just with less power. He has a 9.6 UZR in his career (negative-2.1 last season) and is considered an above average defensive outfielder with good range and a slightly below average arm.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Yankees have not been in pursuit of Justin Upton

  1. Sean Serritella says:

    We don't need Justin Upton.

    • LLP says:


      I mean come on now, everyone knows that $12 million a year for a player like Upton would be considered the equivalent of baseball having a Black Friday sale. Plus the Yankees are in desperate need of another outfielder as Ichiro Suzuki-Matt Diaz are not everyday players and platooning them should be a last resort, not a choice when Upton is available.

      Bottom-line is this Yankees off-season has been a real wake-up call for fans to get an idea of how things are going to be run in the Bronx from here on out.

      And that entails an owner whose words do not match his actions, and that equates to being a loser not a winner in my eyes.

  2. John says:

    Sadly this is not shocking at all

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    Hard to make sense of this for baseball reasons. Upton is young, reasonably talented and slightly below market priced. I love Morosi's idea of a triangle trade with Upton going to NY and Granderson (+ Nunez maybe?) going to Seattle, as there should be no way Granderson is re-signed. Since Upton is also cheaper than Granderson is/will be and Swisher would've been I don't buy the payroll excuse.
    There are concerns about this player's makeup, whether he's a winner, too selfish, still immature. But he is only 25, it's possible he will mature, and still come into more power as well. Seems like it's worth taking a chance on Upton.

  4. greg says:

    the yankees need to do something. Hal just needs to sell the team. get somebody thats going to spend money. we could very well finish in last place. george is probably turning in is grave.

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