Rumor: Yankees would be interested if Soriano’s price tag drops low enough


The Yankees turned down Scott Boras’ one-year offer for Rafael Soriano, but that doesn’t mean they are definitely against re-signing him. According to Andrew Marchand of, they have not completely closed the door on the idea and a source said they were simply not interested “right now.”

Soriano missed out on $12.5 million of the $14 million, he had a $1.5 million buyout, he would have been paid when he opted out of the final year of his contract earlier this offseason. He opted out in an attempt to find a multi-year deal on a team as their closer. But teams just aren’t willing to spend the money on a closer that Boras is looking to get for his client.

Also scaring teams off is the $13.3 million qualifying offer the Yankees made to Soriano that he turned down. Now teams would have to give up their first round draft pick to sign him and so far it has been cost prohibitive.

That draft pick is the only thing the Yankees have to lose by re-signing him. At a certain point, if he was willing to sign for a more reasonable, one-year contract, the Yankees would have to reconsider and make a move. As deep as their bullpen is to get a pitcher of his caliber for something like $7.5 million (speculating) on a one-year deal, they have to consider that.

The Yankees offense has taken a hit this offseason and having a lockdown bullpen would go a long way toward making up for it. It was part of the reason the Yankees signed him in the first place — they had a weakness in another area and tried to put together a crazy good pen to make up for it. A bullpen with Soriano, a healthy Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, and David Aardsma would have crazy good potential.

That’s got to be worth a draft pick. Even a first round draft pick. The question is whether his price tag will drop low enough now. It sounds like he’s looking for a opportunity as a closer and won’t be a setup man, but we’ve heard that story before.

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  1. ldubinsky says:

    perhaps if they could begin negotiations with Soriano returning the buy-out money….and then decide what part of that would be going back to him as the year's salary, it might work out.

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