Alex Rodriguez won’t join the Yankees to start Spring Training


In a move that nobody will read too much into, Yankees manager Joe Girardi announced yesterday that Alex Rodriguez will not be joining the Yankees to start Spring Training.

Instead A-Rod will continue his rehab in New York as Girardi made it sound like team doctors aren’t equipped to help him as he rehabs from a torn labrum and bone impingement. It’s “not something that we’ve done a lot of,” Girardi said.

It’s good not to have A-Rod around in the sense that he won’t be a major distraction. However, he’s still certain to be a distraction even if he isn’t there. He still has never addressed the media since the most recent PED accusations came out. The media has already been clamoring for responses too and have already gone to Derek Jeter (he’ll wait for A-Rod to comment first) and Mariano Rivera (he supports A-Rod) and probably other teammates as well so it’s not like they aren’t asking about it.

Part of me thinks that it might just be best to get it over with now. There will be questions whenever he comes back, but if he could clear up some of the PED stuff now it might save them a huge hassle come July when they could potentially be in the middle of a pennant race. Maybe the Yankees and A-Rod are hoping that some of the stink will go away or that he will possibly be cleared.

Maybe the team just wants nothing to do with him, won’t let him report to camp, and this is their excuse for not having him around.

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