Curtis Granderson wants to sign an extension with the Yankees

New York Yankees Curtis Granderson

This is the final year of Curtis Granderson‘s contract, but if it were up to him he would sign an extension to stay with the Yankees long-term, according to Anthony McCarron of the NY Daily News.

More guaranteed money? Of course. Granderson even admits as much saying, “I’d be a fool not to (want an extension).”

While the Yankees could potentially “buy low” with Granderson, since he’s coming off a .232/.319/.492 season, he’s left some serious questions that still need to be answered before the Yankees even consider re-signing him let alone extending him.

For one thing, he’s going to have to show that his 28.5 K% last season was a fluke and that he can improve on his career low .232 batting average. He doesn’t have to quite post the .262/.364/.552 line that he did in 2011, but he has to show he can be more consistent than last season.

His defense has also left something to be desired. He came over with defensive questions in 2010, but has gotten worse each season and he looked downright lost in center last year. A move to left field could be exactly what he needs though.

So don’t expect anything to happen a year from now. Even then it seems doubtful that Granderson will be back next season. With the $189 million budget coming up, he would probably have to be willing to take a short deal, three-years max and probably less, and give the Yankees a discount on top of that. It also couldn’t hurt if Robinson Cano signed elsewhere, but either way we could be looking at Granderson’s last year in Pinstripes.

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3 Responses to Curtis Granderson wants to sign an extension with the Yankees

  1. Mark Panuthos says:

    Curtis Granderson's UZR was a pathetic -18. He finished second in strikeouts (behind Adam Dunn). His post-season was pathetic. He's 32 years old. If this is his last year, we'll only get better.

  2. David K. says:

    He shouldn't even get one final year here. If Cashman had any brains, he'd trade Granderson, whether it's now or halfway through the year. If he's traded just before the deadline, hopefully he'll be putting up amazing numbers and we'll get more for him. I just have zero faith in Granderson having a positive impact on this team and especially in the playoffs. I still think this team could make the playoffs and we're better off without this three pitch strikeout artist.

  3. On a team that's going to hurt for offense compared to recent Yankees team, I don't think they can just dump an outfielder with an .800+ OPS who hits 40 homers a year. He's not perfect, but the team needs him.

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