Francisco Cervelli, Jesus Montero both linked to Miami PED Clinic


Alex Rodriguez is no longer the only Yankees connected to the Miami PED clinic, catcher Francisco Cervelli has also been linked to the company along with former prospect Jesus Montero, according to Tim Brown and Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports and Bill Madden, Teri Thompson, and Michael O’Keefe of the NY Daily News.

It is important to point out that unlike A-Rod, neither Cervelli or Montero was actually connected to any specific steroids. Their names simply appeared among Biogenesis documents. That is why the Miami New Times didn’t release either catchers names in their initial report.

Cervelli has even confirmed his involvement with the clinic, and said he only used them as a consultant.

“Following my foot injury in March 2011, I consulted with a number of experts, including Biogenesis clinic, for legal ways to aid my rehab and recovery,” Cervelli told Chuck Strouse of the Miami New Times. “I purchased supplements that I am certain were not prohibited by MLB.”

Still this can’t be good for either player, especially considering both have worked out with A-Rod in the offseason, both are going to have a tough time shaking a negative cloud.

Neither player is exactly coming off seasons that would make them obvious candidates. Montero hardly played defense and hit just .260/.298/.386 in his rookie season. Cervelli, of course, was demoted after serving as the main backup option for two seasons. He hit just .246/.341/.316 in 99 Triple-A games.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. It’s possible that Cervelli/Montero/both/neither could be suspended 50 games. Their chances look better than A-Rod’s at least. In his case there were documents detailing a drug regimen he was on.

Speaking of suspensions, this certainly makes things interesting for the Yankees. They may be rooting for A-Rod to get suspended to save them some money, but with no clear starting catcher they were probably expecting Cervelli to catch at least 60-80 games or more this year. If he misses time, the Yankees will be forced to rely on Austin Romine sooner than expected. It has happened before, but if his back injury acts up it could be Chris Stewart and Bobby Wilson as the Yankees catching tandem on Opening Day.

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4 Responses to Francisco Cervelli, Jesus Montero both linked to Miami PED Clinic

  1. lazlosother says:

    A suspension is a long shot. Neither player is linked to anything illegal. Bud can't just suspend them becasue he wants to, he needs evidence and the clinic paperwork supplies none.

    As for A-Rod, there will need to be something more conclusive than hand written notes with dates that don't actually appear on the calendar, and hearsay. I think the biggest worry for A-Rod would be having to testify for the prosecution should this mess result in a trial – and this is only a worry if he took illegal subsances.

  2. I think, particularly for Cervelli, a suspension is indeed unlikely. However, I'm not going to pretend to know more about the investigation than I do. Players can be suspended without a positive drug test so until the investigation is over I can't say for certain they won't be suspended.

  3. Keena says:

    Cervelli's numbers have been off the charts since becoming a big leaguer. With his superior defensive skills and Ruthian type power, it's obvious he's been "juicing". A full investigation is in order.

  4. It was a great pleasure watching Alex last year doing what he does bes 🙂

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