Joe Girardi gives State of the Yankee Union address


Yankees manager Joe Girardi met with reporters yesterday and went over quite a few topics. Here is the run down via Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

• On the offense: Girardi explains that the Yankees offense will rely on speed more rather than the home runs as they’ve done in recent years.

• On the Brett Gardner/Curtis Granderson switch: Still no decision, but either way one will come soon so Grandy can adjust.

• On the backstop: Sees Chris Stewart and Francisco Cervelli with gloves good enough to make up for their poor bats (Cervelli is actually a bad defensive player). Austin Romine is still in play.

• On Mariano Rivera: “I feel pretty good about Mo.”

• On Derek Jeter: “There’s concern until you see him go through a week…In my mind, I believe he’s going to be an everyday shortstop for us.”

• On Michael Pineda: “I don’t think we’re going to see him in a game in Spring Training, anything like that.” He added that they hope to see him in the summer.

• On the lineup: “I’m going to play with some different ideas during spring training.”

• On Alex Rodriguez: “There’s not a lot he can do here.”

On an aging roster: “It’s always a concern…Last year we were old and we won 95 games.”

State of the Yankees: “This team could win 95 games and get to the World Series.”

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11 Responses to Joe Girardi gives State of the Yankee Union address

  1. ccory says:

    So you disagree with Girardi regarding Cervelli's defensive abilities, Rob?

    • Absolutely. He's bad at blocking pitches, he isn't good at throwing out runners, he has regular mental lapses. I don't even think there is much debate. He's not even average, he's bad.

      • Ian says:

        He wasn't always bad though! He was actually good up until 2010, then all of a sudden, sometime in early 2011, he couldn't throw to 2nd base accurately and it was downhill from there. It wasn't always like that. He used to be good at throwing base stealers out.

  2. ccory says:

    When he came up he had a great reputation defensively – at least according to the guys on YES.

  3. Olie says:

    Again I have to ask, How is Russ Martin looking now?

  4. Mark Panuthos says:

    I'm really hoping for a 2006 -Girardi-with-the-Marlins managing job this year.

  5. nyyank3457 says:

    One catcher has to step it up. That position is vital..You can clearly see with Weiters the importance. Guy's rock solid. Forget bat..calls good game..keeps pitchers head in game and runners on bases honest.

  6. Joe says:

    Why not give Gary Sanchez a serious look in Spring Training? He is better than Cervelli right now! Look what other teams do with young players.

    • David K. says:

      Unfortunately that has not been the Yankee way now for about ten years or so. We never develop anyone anymore, we just trade them away for a pitcher (who'll get hurt as soon as he gets here) once they've shown a modicum of talent in the majors.

  7. Tanned Tom says:

    I'm guessing Stewart will be the starter, he's not as good as Martin defensively, but the margin isn't huge, so they'll just live with him until one of the kids is MLB-ready. Which we have to hope is very soon, because Cervelli is a disaster, and concussion prone to boot.

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