Just how overpaid is Mark Teixeira?

Brendan Ryan, Mark Teixeira

It’s no secret that Mark Teixeira‘s contract is getting more A-Rod-like every day. The slugger posted a 152 OPS+ in 2008, the year before becoming a Yankee. Since then that number has dropped every year from a 141 OPS+ in 2009 to 124, then 121, and finally a 116 OPS+ in 2012. That’s hardly living up to the eight-year, $180 million deal he inked wiht the Yankees.

None of this is news though. What is news is that Teixeira actually admitted that he’s overpaid.

“I have no problem with anybody in New York, any fan, saying you’re overpaid. Because I am,” Teixeira told Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal. “We all are.”

“Agents are probably going to hate me for saying it,” he continued. “You’re not very valuable when you’re making $20 million. When you’re Mike Trout, making the minimum, you are crazy valuable. My first six years, before I was a free agent, I was very valuable. But there’s nothing you can do that can justify a $20 million contract.”

Refreshing words from an athlete (even though Teix could actually justify his deal if he didn’t hit disappear every April, get hurt every September, and then disappear again every October).

But just how overpaid is Teixeira? Based on the value given to him by FanGraphs, based on WAR, he would owe the Yankees $16.3 million.

Teixeira was paid $20 million in 2009 and 2010 and earned $22.5 million in 2011 and 2012. According to FanGraphs, he was worth $23.5 million in 2009, living up to his contract and then $3.5 million more. But in 2010 he was only worth $13.1 million. He rebounded to a value of $19.2 million in 2011, but then slipped all the way down to just $12.9 million last season.

Now remember, since this total is based on WAR, both his defense and speed are taken into account. So all these numbers take into account Teix’s slick glove. Hopefully he doesn’t start losing a step in the field.

Teixeira is still relatively young though, at least by Yankee standards, at 33-years-old on April 11. So he still has a few decent seasons in him still and he certainly could rebound from a 2012 which was easily his worst year since his rookie season. Then again you could have said the same thing a year ago too.

By the way, Teixeira is right. In his first six seasons he earned just $31.3 million and was worth $101.5 million to the Rangers, Braves, and Angels. Just for fun, Mike Trout was paid the league minimum last season, but was worth a whopping $45 million based on his performance (somebody has a huge mega deal coming his way eventually).

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4 Responses to Just how overpaid is Mark Teixeira?

  1. Dave says:

    Again, Tex proves why he is an absolute class act. He's probably up there with Old Guard in terms of class on the Yanks. And he's 100% correct. Baseball players are easily the most overpaid players and it was time for one of them to publicly acknowledge it.

  2. The point of my analysis was not to say that baseball players are overpaid. It's to say that Teixeira is an overpaid baseball player. I think there is an important difference.

  3. Carlton says:

    I got that that's the point you were trying to make, Rob. But I don't think that's what Tex was saying at all. He was including himself in the generalization that baseball players, esp older ones making millions, are overpaid.

  4. Mike says:

    Thank you Tex for your honesty and sense. Finally someone who isn't so caught up in himself that he can see the truth for what it is.

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