Morning Bits: Hughes, Price, Budget, Montgomery


How about the mug on Joba Chamberlain? He’s uglier than Kevin Youkilis now.

• Phil Hughes has a bulging disc in his back so it’ll probably be two weeks instead of one he misses.

• David Price says he would never sign with the Yankees because of their beard policy.

• Based on speculation, it appears the Yankees may give up on their $189 million budget. I’ll believe it when I see it.

• Mark Montgomery (back) played long toss and is feeling better.

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2 Responses to Morning Bits: Hughes, Price, Budget, Montgomery

  1. Mike says:

    So Phil Hughes has a bulging disc. That boy is a walking disaster when it comes to staying healthy. OK, who out there has a bad back that suddenly heals? Well, not me , or anyone else that I know of. I like Hughes, but the Yanks should have traded him years ago when they could have gotten something for him. I'm just afraid he is damaged goods and will never reach his projected potential.

  2. Keena says:

    Been a Yankee fan forever but the beard policy just has to go. They're ball players for crying out loud. Let them have fun.

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