Prospects most likely to break the top 100 this season

Jose Ramirez just released their top 100 prospects, and three Yankees are on it; Gary Sanchez, Mason Williams, and Tyler Austin. Slade Heathcott was missing from the list, but he deserves to be on it. This got me thinking about which Yankees prospects have a shot at breaking the top 100 this season. Slade Heathcott is already a top 100 player and will be on several of these lists before the season starts after his dominance in the AFL, so he won’t be included in this discussion.

The way I see it, these players can be broken into three categories. The first group is the group that is already knocking on the door, and if they keep doing what they do at a higher level will likely be on the list by the end of the season. The second group has the tools and could be in the discussion if things go well this season, and will be a shoe-in if they have a monster season. The third group is the group of long shots who will need a monster season to be in the discussion, but with their set of tools this is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Group one: Already Close

1. Jose Ramirez: Ramirez will be starting Double-A this season, and he is coming off his best season as a professional. He has three pitches, has phenomenal stuff and he strikes guys out. If he repeats his 2012 season in Double-A he’s a shoe-in as far as I’m concerned.

2. Jose Campos: Missed most of 2012, but he was already in top 100 discussions before that season started. If he can come back this season with a full, healthy season and perform the way he did in Seattle’s system in 2011, he will be in the top 100.

3. Rafael DePaula: Granted, his only action has been in the DSL. With his stuff, all he needs to do to make the list is come to the United States and perform well against people his own age. That’s no small task but with his repertoire he is up for the challenge.

4. Angelo Gumbs: He was in the midst of a major breakout season at Charleston before his injury. Word is he’s back to his old self. If he can bring that same performance into next season with the tools he already possesses, he could squeak into the back end of the top 100.

Group two: Need a big season

5. Nik Turley: He had an uptick in stuff going into 2012. The spike in stuff correllated with a spike in performance. If he has another slight improvement and repeats his 2012 season, he could be a newcomer to the list.

6. Mark Montgomery: Being placed in this group is less about his performance and more about the fact that he is a reliever. Relievers don’t get much love on top 100 lists, however he could be the exception if he does what he has done at the upper levels. If he’s not already with the Yankees by the end of the season he could be a top 100 guy.

7. Ramon Flores: Flores is missing one thing from being in the same discussion as Heathcott, Williams, and Austin. Power. If he can hit 15 homeruns this season he’s going to be on a couple of top 100 lists.

8. Greg Bird: Here’s a guy who has already turned some heads with his bat. Now that he’s a first baseman he’ll really have to hit to crack the top 100, but many feel his bat is capable of this kind of output.

Group three: Needs a monster season

9. Dante Bichette Jr.: After a down season in 2012, many are down on him. He was working on some things last season though and now he has settled on a new approach. If this approach works, he could have a monster season which would put him right back on the prospect map and in the discussion for the top 100 prospects.

10. Corey Black: He’s an older player with overpowering stuff that doesn’t last late into games. If he can figure out how to do that, or if he can show that he can dominate at upper levels, he’s a top 100 candidate.

11. Bryan Mitchell: He’s always had the stuff, now it’s time for him to show he can use it in the games and more importantly, control it. If he does and the numbers begin to show up, he’s easily a top 100 prospect.

12. Ty Hensley: We’ve all heard about this kid. He only slipped to the Yankees for an MRI abnormality. No one knows how this will even effect his arm, but what we do know is that he has great stuff. If he starts in Charleston he’s a candidate.

Just missed the list: Evan Rutckyj, Peter O’Brien, Daniel Camarena, Jordan Cote

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8 Responses to Prospects most likely to break the top 100 this season

  1. Troy says:

    About Ty. I did not think anyone new about his abnormality before the draft,
    Hence the lowered signing bonus?

    • gcorcoran says:

      I think you're right. I forget why he slipped, but by all accounts he shouldn't have. In the end it not only allowed the Yankees to get a top talent in the draft, but they also got him at a discount, which undoubtedly allowed them to sign some players they otherwise wouldn't have been able to with the new spending restrictions (Jose Mesa Jr. for example).

  2. wally says:

    Great post, Greg. Right on the mark. It's really an odd set of circumstances that has kept four young Yankee pitchers off the current lists. Two have injuries or injury concerns– Banuelos and Campos. One has never pitched in the US — DePaula. And one– Hensley — simply signed too late to show his stouff in competition last year. All four could rank very high and elevate the Yankee system to a Top 6 or 8 in my view.
    Gumbs by the way is a super sleeper. The base stealing run he had last season was quite spectacular.
    I also think Betances was the victim of mechanics meddling by the coaching braintrust. Let's see what Patterson does with him.

  3. Roy says:

    You and the comment give me reason to live to 2017. What about Pirela, Mesa, Adams and Mustelier?

    • gcorcoran says:

      They are all good prospects, and they all have a chance to contribute to the major league team if given the opportunity. All four mentioned, however, have ceilings and likelihood of ever being "all-stars" which are lower than anyone in the top 100.

      Don't get me wrong, these are the types of prospects that are just as important to a team as the blue chips. All of them have the potential to be starters if things break right. Even if they end up as major league average players, there's value in that because they save the team a ton of money. Even if they end up as bench players they still save the team money because they would otherwise have to pay free agents.

  4. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    Nice to read posts like this

  5. angel says:

    The yankees have a nice core of pitchers Manny bañuelos, Jose Campos, Rafael Depaula, Ty Hensley and Dellin Betances that rotation have the talent to go the the yankees to win many world series.

  6. gcorcoran says:

    The Jose Ramirez pick was validated by Keith Law, who ranked him in the top 110. Obviously with a big year he goes top 100.

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