What number will Kevin Youkilis wear for the Yankees? 4


The Yankees released their new numbers. With 84 players in camp, retired numbers, soon to be retired numbers, and coaches there was a chance they would go to triple digits. Unfortunately they just doubled up on a few players.

Here are the notable new numbers:

• No. 22 – Matt Diaz, No. 27 – Dan Johnson, No. 33 – Travis Hafner, No. 36 – Kevin Youkilis, No. 45 – Bobby Wilson, and No. 54 – Juan Rivera.

• Nos. 87-99 are doubled up. The only player among that group to even have a chance of making the team is No. 95 – Ronnier Mustelier, who shares his number with Zach Nuding.

Check out the complete list here.

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4 thoughts on “What number will Kevin Youkilis wear for the Yankees?

    • Steve

      Don't worry. Hafner will be on the DL so much that you won't actually see much of that "33" on his back.

  • Dave

    It's gonna be 36. It says so on the Yankee website and I think Wally Matthews tweeted that out like a day or 2 after he signed. I swear to God, this blog is stuck like 2 days in the past.

    • Rob Abruzzese Post author

      I wasn't actually asking a question. I was making a SEO friendly headline. If you took the time to read about 3 sentences in you would have realized this. Sorry for any confusion.

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